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Australian Bushfire Crises

Australian Bushfire Crises

Our hearts are heavy with sadness watching many areas of our beautiful country burn.   Our love, thoughts & prayers go out to all those who have been affected by all these catastrophic bushfires.

We would personally like to thank all our extremely brave fire fighters for their dedication and devotion during this fire crises.

They selflessly risk their lives each & every day to help protect us all & our beautiful country.

We would also like to take this opportunity to thank all the wildlife carers, vets & volunteers who are helping our precious wildlife – our iconic, symbolic wildlife of Australia has literally been decimated in their millions.

According to Professor Chris Dickman at Sydney University who has estimated that more than 1 Billion Animals including mammals, birds & reptiles may be affected by the bushfires.  Over a billion would be a very conservative figure.  Stuart Blanch scientist from WWF (World Wildlife Fund Australia) agreed with Dickman’s assessment.

Professor Chris Dickman told the ABC (Australian Broadcasting Channel) that animals had been killed either directly by the flames or could be killed indirectly by the lack of food, water & shelter resources  in the burned environment, as well as by predators such as wild (non domesticated) cats & red foxes.

The Australian bushfire crises has left many feeling helpless & overwhelmed, though by providing donations (irrespective of the size) &/or volunteering all helps immensely.  Our beautiful country, our people & our precious wild life all need your help & support – If you would like to help with donations or volunteering – here is how you can …

Australian Bushfire Crises; here’s how you can help:

Help SAVE our Precious Wildlife -Please Donate to help animals affected by the tragic bush fires -Please Donate directly to NGO’s Wildlife Parks or Animal Sanctuaries including:

Sleepy Burrows Sleepy Burrows

Animal Rescue Collecive (ARC) Animal Rescue Collective (ARC)

The Rescue Collective The Rescue Collective

Kangaroo Island Wildlife Park  Kangaroo Island Wildlife Park

Port Macquarie Koala Hospital Port Macquarie Koala Hospital

Victoria Wildlife & Animal Rescue Support Victoria Wildlife & Animal Rescue Support

Wildlife Victoria Wildlife Victoria

Wildlife Rescue & Protection Inc Wildlife Rescue & Protection Inc

Wild 2 Free Inc – Kangaroo SanctuaryWild2Free Inc. – Kangaroo Sanctuary

Wildlife Rescue South Coast Inc Wildlife Rescue South Coast Inc


Warriors for Wildlife Warriors 4 Wildlife

Wombat Rescue Wombat Rescue

Balu Blue Foundation INC Balu Blue Foundation INC




Bushfire Donations:
State fire services

* NSW: NSW RFS donate

* Victoria: CFA Donate

* South Australia: CFS donate

* Queensland: RFBAQ donate



Fallen firefighters’ families

Donations can be made via Support firefighter families on the NSWRFS site.


Australian Red Cross Disaster Relief Fund

Donations are being accepted through the general disaster relief fund


Salvation Army

The Salvos are providing meals to evacuees and first-responders through the Salvos bushfire appeal.


St Vincent de Paul

Vinnies is helping with bills, clothing, bedding and food through the Vinnies bushfire appeal.