Dough Divider – Dough Rounder

Dough Divider – Dough Rounder

A Dough Divider – Dough Rounder is a piece of commercial bakery equipment used in many different sized bakeries from small bakeries through to large wholesale bakeries..

Dough Dividers were invented to quickly and easily provide a baker or bakery with a quick easy solution for being able to divide bakery & pastry dough into equal rounds of dough.
The idea behind a dough divider is based upon (volumetric division)
Volumetric = involving the measurement of volume
Volume = is the amount of space taken up by a three-dimensional object
Division = the action of separating something into parts
Naturally if you have never set up or been involved in the set up of a commercial kitchen before you may feel
overwhelmed and not know where to start. You can use our colourful user friendly guide to initially
familiarise yourself with all the different types of equipment that are available so that you can decide which
types of equipment you require for your own commercial kitchen.

Tired of cutting, rounding / winding by hand, looking for a piece of equipment that can assist with this time consuming laborious process

Looking for increased productivity, greater performance a reduction in physical effort, maintain higher standards

Improve the quality & effectiveness of production

Improved time management

Considered a Dough Divider – Dough Rounder

A dough divider divides dough into separate parts that are all equal in size, weight & all share the exact same dimensions – height, width & depth
whilst maintaining the exact same shape for each & every piece of dough or pastry that is cut by the dough divider.

A Dough Divider with Round Chambers also known as a dough rounder separates each piece of dough into the exact same sized rounded shapes with the exact same dimensions.

A dough rounder replaces the manual laborious time consuming process of taking a large amount of bakery or pastry dough and making small
equal rounds of pastry or bakery dough with your hands & enables you to quickly & easily produce rounds of bakery or pastry dough with a
mechanical device known as a dough divider – dough rounder.

A dough divider – dough rounder is used for cutting the bakery & or pastry dough and also for rounding it into equal sections.

It is able to do so as follows:

  • It has a press with cutting blades which are positioned in the top of the machine – known as the head.  This is driven by an unlock lever.
  • The top of the machine, known as the (“head”) contains the press, which is moved by a lever.  The purpose of the press is: to press the dough placed in the reel plates, which prepares it for the
    cutting process
  • The reels are plates on the divider that are used to place (position) the dough in the right area so that it can be cut.
  • The dough rounding system is driven by a lever which regulates the winding speed.
  • For space adjustment between the press and the dough, there is a press depth tuner. This space must be adjusted depending on the type of
    dough and the desired cutting required for the dough.
  • Interconnection of technological procedures provide the operator with the ability to control the cutting and rounding process
    (namely the press lever, star handle and dough rounding, depth tuner).

A dough divider – dough rounder within a machine that has high precision, ensures high productive rates.

Dough Dividers, Dough Rounders can be used for both small & large production suitable for bakeries, catering, hospitality and similar industries.

There are 3 main different types of Dough Dividers: Manual Dividers, Semi Automatic Dough Dividers or bun dividers & Automatic Dough
Dividers – decide which divider is best suited to your specific needs.