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Suhner Sausage Cutter South Korea

Suhner Sausage Cutter South Korea

Suhner Sausage Cutter South Korea, The customer from South Korea was looking to purchase a sausage, meat, dried meat – salami cutting machine.

The customer had found the Suhner on our website and were very impressed with this unit as it was able to perform the functionality required by their business for their meat products.

The customer was able to import the machine into South Korea whilst still saving themselves a significant amount of money as opposed to buying a brand new unit.

Suhner Sausage Cutting Machine – Tender Cut – Sausage Separator

Sausage separating machine. The small Tender-Cut of stainless steel not only looks good, because behind the shell lies a wealth of experience.

Use it to make the best cuts every time – completely independent whether collagen or natural casings.

It‘s simple: regardless how the products are supplied, add the sausages directly into the Tender-Cut and they are perfectly separated individually by their own weight.

An hourly output of up to 4000 kg, depending on product, meets the highest expectations.

Suhner Food Processing Equipment:

Pioneer of brine injection technology

Have always set standards in the development of brine injection technology including:

  • Modern brine injectors
  • Massaging machines
  • Vacuum tumblers
  • Ham presses

All bearing the “Suhner” name with pride.

Suhner, with a unique combination of innovation, tradition and sustainability, a brand that stands for genuine Swiss quality.

Located in Switzerland offering a comprehensive range of machines mainly for meat and sausage production, as well as food production in general.

Solomon Islands Leading Food Retailer

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