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Commercial Food Equipment

Commercial Food Equipment including  commercial and industrial food machinery cost a small fortune when purchased brand new, this sort of equipment can range from tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands of dollars.

If you are just starting out or wanting to expand or introduce a new product line into your product mix.

We have a large range of Used Food Machinery for the food & Beverage Industry, to suit the needs of businesses large & small.

Whether you are a small artisan producer or a large scale wholesale producer, used second hand equipment can help save to a significant amount of money.

Food Processing Equipment is suitable for any food or beverage business within the processing industry including businesses that process: dry ingredients, flavourings, sauces, condiments, fruit and vegetables, juice, dairy including cheese, wine, beer, bakery goods, food additives, food oils, candy, meat, alcohol, soy, gluten free products, nutritional products & supplements as well as numerous other food and beverage processing industries. Food Equipment is also utilised by packaging industries who pack food and beverage products.

There is a vast array of different types and sizes of equipment available depending on the type of food processing or food production that is required and the size of the equipment being used which is determined by the  amount of food or beverage being produced or processed. Food production & food processing equipment is categorised as being either on a commercial or industrial food machinery scale.


Commercial food equipment List:

An A – Z of Food Equipment Machines, a detailed list of the more common types of food machines for Food Processing, Food Manufacturing and Food Packing Equipment:

Agitator an apparatus used for stirring liquid

Bin for storing ingredients and raw materials

Blancher used to blanch food, a cooking process whereby a food substance, usually a vegetable, fruit, nut or seed is scalded in boiling water, removed after a brief, timed interval, and then generally plunged into iced water or placed under cold running water to halt the cooking process.

Blender: mixes ingredients together, often used in food preparation for liquidizing, chopping, or pureeing food.

Blower (Blower & Vacuum Applications) are used

Boiler Industrial food boilers generate steam or hot water to process, cook, or sanitise food products including meat, fruits, and vegetables.


Food Production EQUIPMENT:

Box Taper machines can be semi or fully automatic. Also known as case sealers or carton sealers. These machines are part of automated packaging lines and provide a fast & efficient method of applying packing tape to packages.

Bucket Elevator A bucket elevator, also called a grain leg, is a mechanism for hauling flowable bulk materials (most often grain or fertilizer) vertically.

Can Closer – automatic or manual can closer. Also known as a can seamer.

Cap Sorter is used to separate, orienting, aligning, and feeding caps, lids, or other smaller parts. They are used for feeding the components correctly to the capping machine, printing machine, Vibratory, Centrifugal, Pocket & Elevator Bottle Cap Sorters Capper for capping bottles.

Carbo Cooler  used in the beverage processing industry, offering unmatched precision and control in processing cold temperature beverages such as soft drinks, beer, wine, juice and sport drinks.



Industrial Food Equipment:

  • Cartoner
  • Caser
  • Case Sealer & Gluer
  • Case Taper
  • Centrifuge
  • Chiller
  • Chocolate Making Equipment
  • Chopper
  • CIP System
  • Coater
  • Coating Pan
  • Compactor
  • Compressor (many applications within the food & beverage industry use vacuum pumps & compressors)
  • Bottle filling machines in breweries
  • Chocolate Production Machines
  • Cleaning vegetables
  • Coffee roasting
  • Dairy processing
  • Deaeration of mineral water
  • Deodorising salad oils and fats
  • Evacuation
  • Filtration units
  • Food Processing EQUIPMENT:

  • Food preservation
  • Fruit processing machines
  • Meat Drying
  • Milking systems
  • Potato Aeration
  • Poultry processing
  • Salmon cleaning machines
  • Sausage production
  • Sterilization of tea and spices
  • Sugar production
  • Systems for cleaning fish and molluscs
  • Conveyor
  • Cooker
  • Cooler
  • Cooling Tower
  • Corker
  • Counter
  • Crimper
  • Cutter
  • De-Duster
  • Depositor
  • Forming Machine Equipment
  • Metal Detector
  • Dicer
  • Dryer
  • Dumper
  • Dust Collector
  • Encruster
  • Evaporator
  • Expeller
  • Extractor
  • Extructor
  • Extruder
  • Feeder
  • Fermenter
  • Filler
  • Filling Line
  • Filter
  • Flaker
  • Freezer
  • Fryer
  • Grinder
  • Generator
  • Heat Exchanger
  • Homogenizer
  • Hopper
  • Kettle
  • Labeler
  • Lidder
  • Liquifier
  • Metal Detector
  • Mill
  • Mixer
  • Oven
  • Pasteurizer
  • Peeler
  • Press
  • Printer
  • Pulper
  • Pump
  • Refrigeration
  • Ribbon Mixer
  • Roaster including coffee roasting and nut roasting equipment
  • Screen
  • Slicer
  • Sheeter
  • Stuffer
  • Scale
  • Silo
  • Table
  • Tank including Horizontal & Vertical Tanks
  • Tenderizer
  • Tunnel
  • Unloader
  • Unscrambler
  • Valve
  • Votator
  • Washer
  • Water Treatment
  • Wrapper

We are a leading supplier of used – second hand equipment & have a large range of quality equipment available for sale.

If there is a particular used food machine that you are after that we do not currently have available, contact us as we may be able to assist you to source and purchase the food machine or food machines that you are after.

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