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equipment finance

Equipment Finance for Commercial Kitchen Equipment, Catering, Bakery & Food Production Equipment.


Need finance to purchase equipment or don’t want to tie up your cash flow, enquire about Quick, Easy, Low Cost

    finance options.
Catering Funding

Hassle Free Finance.

Furthermore equipment funding has never been easier,
Additionally, it is super quick & easy to apply for low cost finance.

The finance solution available via our broker is more economical 
than the majority of other finance options in the market place.

Don’t try to deal direct with banks, financial institutions or other
funding providers …

Instead SAVE yourself Thousands & Thousands of dollars.

In a word, No headaches, no fuss – purchase your commercial kitchen equipment,
bakery equipment & food machinery directly from

Used Commercial Kitchen Equipment & opt for
Commercial Kitchen Equipment, Bakery & Catering Funding
In essence, you will save money  opposed to buying brand new.

Affordable, Hassle Free Finance

Equipment Funding
Finally – Stop Dreaming – Start Doing

Whether you are purchasing:

  • 1 piece of equipment
  • Several pieces of equipment or
  • An entire fit out for a commercial kitchen

We have a low cost finance option that can suit you.

We have established a relationship with a registered finance broker who will
work with you to tailor the finance to suit your needs, providing you with:

To sum up, Affordable, Hassle Free Finance!

Byron makes and wholesales a range of sourdough breads and rolls to cafe’s, restaurants, hotels & clubs.

In summary, production is very time consuming & he knows he could do with a machine to assist with the production of his sourdough baked goods.

To make the sourdough baked goods Byron currently has to make & ferment the sourdough in small batches, it is a long, slow, time consuming process & he is only able to produce small batches at a time which currently delays his production & baking.

Overall there is also no uniformity with the sourdough it can be hit and miss particularly with changes in weather temperatures.
Byron needs a machine that will enable him to produce large amounts of sourdough that are consistently the same each time it is produced.

Byron is looking for a machine that:

  • Is 100% stainless steel construction
  • Ensures sourdough consistency and stability
  • Is easy to use and clean
  • Has an exclusive mixing system

It makes a lot of sense to Byron to purchase a piece of equipment that would assist with production right away and would also enable Byron to 
significantly ramp up production without having to produce small batches of sourdough with no consistency across each batch. Byron knows that less time spending making sourdough will enable him to spend more time on creating artisan baked goods which is where 
his passion lies & what he loves doing most of all.

After doing a few hours of research online & making a couple of phone calls to companies that sell brand new equipment.  

Obviously Byron realises that he needs a Sourdough fermentor – Dough processing (machine to ferment yeast).  
The only problem being that these little beauties retail from around $60,000.  
That is a significant amount for any business to splash out on, let alone a small producer.  

Byron could apply for finance though the repayments on such a large purchase will be significant & he really does’nt want to put himself 
under so much undue pressure financially, psychologically or emotionally.

Byron decides not to give up on the idea & continues searching online & then discovers the ultimate solution –

‘Purchasing a Used Fermenting Machine’.

Byron finds a Used Fermenting Machine for sale at Used Commercial Kitchen Equipment for ONLY $12,995 
the machine is in excellent condition and has very low usage.

Equally, the same used machine is also available for sale at a large equipment funding provider for $26,000

The machines are exactly the same brand & are even the same manufacture date.

Byron has a few options available if he wants to purchase the Used Sourdough Fermenting Machine, Byron can purchase 
the machine outright as as there is a significant saving to be achieved as opposed to purchasing the machine brand new (Brand new price $).

Or Byron can opt to purchase the machine using finance (yes that is correct, whilst doing his research Byron was able to determine 
that some providers of quality second hand used commercial kitchen equipment, bakery equipment and food equipment provide 
finance options to purchase the equipment).

Of Course being a small business cash flow is often tight so Byron opted to purchase the equipment using finance.


In summary, If Byron purchases the used Sourdough fermentor from Used Commercial Kitchen Equipment – His weekly repayments for the machine would be: $91.77 per week for a 3 year loan term.

Though could be as low as $58.60 per week if Byron opts for a 5 year loan term).


In this case, if Byron purchases the used Sourdough Fermentor from the large equipment funding provider, his weekly repayments would be: $330 per week for a 3 year loan term.

with Option 1 there is a
Weekly Saving of $238.23 per week

A whopping Saving of $12,387.96 
over the first year of the loan

Not far short of the total cost 
for the machine from:
Kitchen Equipment

Significant SAVINGS were achieved at
the end of the loan by opting for
Option 1.


Weekly Repayments: $91.77
Total over 3 year Loan Term: $14,316.77


Weekly Repayments: $330
Total over the 3 year Loan Term: $51,480


Even if the equipment funding provider provided an incentivised 10% discount from year 2 on wards of the loan term, their is still a significant saving  to be achieved by opting for Option 1.  Needless to say Byron opted for Option 1.

Now that Catering Funding – Equipment Finance Options for Commercial Kitchen Equipment, Bakery & Food Production – Food Processing can be obtained quickly & easily.

As a matter of fact repayments are dependent on the amount of money you loan & the loan term (amount of time you pay back the loan). Below is an overview of a loan to purchase equipment whereby the loan amount is $10,000 and then $20,000 respectively.

Indicative Pricing for equipment newer than 2008:


  • Loan Amount $10K
    Loan Term 5 years
    Equates to $54 per week – weekly loan repayment
  • Loan Amount $20K
    Loan Term 5 years
    Equates to $105 per week – weekly loan repayment

Indicative Pricing for equipment that is older than 2008:
If you purchase equipment that is older that 2008 (generally only applies to used food production equipment & used bakery equipment).

  • Loan Amount $10K
    Loan Term 5 years
    Equates to $69 per week – weekly loan repayment
  • Loan Amount $20K
    Loan Term 5 years
    Equates to $125 per week –  weekly loan repayment

To clarify – Loan Amount = The amount of money you wish to loan – the total/full amount.
For example – Loan Term = The time period in which you are going to pay back the loan. The number of years you opt to pay back the loan.
To emphasize – Weekly Repayments = The total weekly repayments required to pay back the loan.


To calculate the total loan repayments for a loan:
Finally, (the Weekly Loan Repayment x 52) x Loan Term

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Thank you for all your help, you are a life saver. Our oven arrived today and we are very happy with it. As soon as our sparkie hardwired it, it was on and we were baking with it right away.

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