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Used Commercial Kitchen Equipment
Bakery Equipment & Food Equipment

Used Commercial Kitchen Equipment
Commercial Kitchen Equipment

Quality brands at affordable prices

Quality Bakery Equipment 

Large range of quality brands you know & can trust 

Quality Food Equipment 

artisan through to large scale food production

Food Producer
Artisan or large commercial food producer

Commercial Kitchen Equipment, Bakery Equipment & Food Machinery

Cafe, Restaurant, Catering
Used Restaurant, Cafe & Catering Equipment

A large range of quality brands for your business 

Chef, Hotel, Hospitality
Need equipment for a Commercial Kitchen

We can assist, with a range of quality equipment 

Featured Projects
Craft Brewery Burleigh Heads
Craft Brewery Burleigh Heads
Cookie Producer Nerang
Cookie Producer Nerang

Cookie Producer Nerang, Gold Coast, QLD

Winery Mudgee NSW
Winery Mudgee NSW

Winery Cafe Restaurant in Mudgee, NSW.

Gelato Producer
Gelato Producer

Italian Gelato produced in Thailand by Italian Chef

French Kosher Bakery Sydney
French Kosher Bakery Sydney

Large Commercial Spiral Dough Mixer

Youth Homeless Not for Profit
Youth Homeless Not for Profit

Not for Profit NGO assisting Youth Homeless based in Sydney, NSW

Gelateria Bundaburg
Gelateria Bundaburg

Assisted a Gelateria in Bundaberg, QLD by sourcing & supplying them with 3 Taylor C723-58 Soft Serve Gelato Ice Cream Machines.

Burger Bar Logan
Burger Bar Logan

Burger Bar located in Logan, QLD

Traditional Iraqi Bakery
Traditional Iraqi Bakery
Food Truck – Burleigh Heads
Food Truck – Burleigh Heads

Food Truck Burleigh Heads, (Gold Coast) QLD

promo ‘free packing’
Value $120 per pallet.

Directly supplying the B2B market with a range of quality used commercial kitchen equipment and used bakery equipment at prices that wont break the bank, so whether you are
setting up a new hospitality business or looking to purchase commercial kitchen equipment for an existing business, we can assist you.

Setting up a new hospitality business (including cafe, restaurant, hotel, bar, pub and commercial kitchen) or purchasing new equipment for your current
business is a very expensive exercise.

Why pay extensively more for brand new equipment, when you can purchase quality used  and second hand equipment that does the job just as well for a fraction of the price.

Save yourself the stress, anxiety and constant headaches often associated with the debts that can occur from purchasing  brand new equipment.  Why put your business at risk?

Even if you have the funds to purchase brand new equipment outright your outlay will be significant putting extra pressure on you and the success of your business.

Your hard earned dollars can go so much further and can be utilised in far more beneficial ways by purchasing quality used and second hand equipment
from a supplier who will partner with you to assist you in purchasing quality equipment from a wide range of brands you know and can trust.


Quality Equipment
Sourcing and supplying quality commercial equipment.
Affordable Solutions
Providing affordable solutions to customers Australia wide
Top Notch Support
Top-notch support for absolute customer satisfaction.
See what some of our Cutsomers have to Say
Sensational Salads
Sensational Salads

Thanks: for the equipment it looks new, & also for your great service Mark.

Cafe Expresso -1
Cafe Expresso
Chief Inventor

Thank you for all your help, you are a life saver. Our oven arrived today and we are very happy with it. As soon as our sparkie hardwired it, it was on and we were baking with it right away.

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Special Deals 

Washtech XU Dishwasher

New Unused Washtech XU Dishwasher by Moffat,


$2,750.00ex each – SOLD

All 4 Units Now SOLD
Only 2.6L hot H20 per cycle
 Washes up to 1,080 plates per hour & 1,500 glasses

Pineapple Peeling & Coring Machine

Pineapple Peeling and Coring Machine, New – Never Used
This machine is a specialised Pineapple processing machine, it is used in peeling and coring pineapples, two procedures at the same time.

Quick & easy to Use
2 in 1 peels and cores
quality commercial kitchen equipment, bakery equipment & food equipment
3 easy steps
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