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Food Processing Equipment

Food Processing Equipment

The term used to categorise all equipment used for processing food. It includes all food processing machines as well as the systems used to handle, prepare, cook, store, and package food & food products.

Food Processing = combining a single or combination of food ingredients and processing them in a way that they become suitable for consumption (eating), cooking or storage.

There are basic forms of food processing through to more complex forms of food processing. Determined by:

  • Type of ingredient(s).
  • The Product
  • How long it needs to last as in food preservation/food storage.
  • Packaging


Food Preservation

Storing food requires preserving of food also known as food preservation. There are many different methods available for storing food. There are natural food preserving methods including canning, freezing, freeze drying, dehydrating, fermenting. Through to methods of preserving requiring artificial chemicals & additives.

Food Processing is the basic processing of food. Altering a food product from one form into another form as well as the food preservation & packaging techniques required.  Food Manufacturing making and processing of food ingredients.


Food Processing Equipment
From Product Development & Production all the way through to Packaging


Food Processing

There are many different types of food processing equipment used that are available. For example if we look at apples.  There are many different products that can be made from apples including:

  • Apple juice
  • Fermenting apples into apple cider vinegar
  • Apple paste or apple puree
  • Apple jam, apple preserve or dried apples, canned apples, chopped apples, diced apples etc.

All of these processors require food processing in one form or another to end up with the final required product.

Food processing has also enabled the development of new products to be brought to market.

New technological advances in food equipment have also provided many opportunities for food processing companies to introduce new product innovations to the market place. Freeze drying technologies have enabled the development of freeze dried apples or even freeze dried apple powders.

Other technological advances have provided food businesses with new product development opportunities including: Instant foods, food oils, food supplements, dehydrated food products or ingredients to name just a few. There are many different product examples available to food producers whether large scale or small due to the advances in modern food processing machinery.



Can be used to transform a food or food product such as preserving a product by extending its shelf including: Canning, fermenting, freezing, freeze drying, dehydrating to name a few. Or enhancing a products taste, texture, palatability all of which can increase the consumbaility of a product making it more saleable. Some types of processing equipment can also be used to increase digestibility, or even the absorption of a product as in liposomal vitamin supplements for the health & well-being industry.


Some pieces of food processing equipment can also be used to perform preliminary, additional or even supplementary functions, such as handling, sorting, preparation, and even packaging of food or food products.

This type of equipment is used across the full gamut of food & food product applications ranging from baked goods, beverages, through to dairy & produce. There is a comprehensive range of processing equipment available for any food business whether large (be it a wholesale producer) or small (as in an artisan producer) to be able to execute all operations required to achieve the full production cycle of any food or food product.



Food Packaging

Food Packaging Whether it is washing, sorting, handling, mixing, baking, processing, chopping, slicing, drying, weighing, freezing, sealing, packing – all these functions & more can be performed by this type of food equipment.

Depending on the type of food or food product to be produced – there is equipment available for dry, solid, semi solid & even liquid food products.


Food Processing

Irrespective of the type or size of food business, each & every food business requires this type of equipment:

  • An independent baker may purchase smaller equipment
  • An artisan producer may opt for small scale production with a smaller processing facility.
  • A food production contract manufacturing plant, or a large or even industrial food processor will require a larger scale production line.


Chocolate Chip Cookies
Chocolate Chip Cookies

This is all dependent on the specifications and requirements of a particular food processing application. The processing of a combination of food products.


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