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Bakery Equipment -
Bakery Supplies

Bakery Equipment Supplies – how can you ensure that you purchase all the right equipment for your new or your established bakery? By spending some time doing research. This is the most important phase. 

Bakery Suppliers

Guide to Opening a Successful Bakery – Bakery 101 – in Phase 1 we covered Bakery Business Plan including Bakery Marketing Plan & Financial Plan.  Phase 2 looks at – Bakery Equipment Supplies.

Who are you going to buy your bakery equipment supplies from? Which Bakery Equipment supplier(s)

Find out who sells bakery equipment – who are bakery equipment suppliers in Australia?

Do your homework look for bakery equipment suppliers across Australia,
locally and nationally as the cost savings can be significant when you shop around.


Bakery Equipment Research Online

The best way to kick off your research when looking for Bakery Equipment – Bakery Supplies is to use the internet & type various searches in the search engines, you can start off with some of the following

Bakery equipment Australia

Bakery equipment for sale Sydney and  Melbourne

Bakery Equipment Brisbane and Gold Coast

The beauty of the internet means you can purchase equipment from suppliers across Australia, though make sure that you do your homework and compare the brand, 
you check & compare bakery equipment prices versus brands being sold and the quality of equipment.

What Bakery Equipment Supplies are you going to buy? What type of equipment, which brands, brand new or used bakery equipment?  

If you are looking at buying used – second hand bakery equipment you want to ensure that you only purchase
quality bakery equipment brands.

Used bakery equipment prices can vary significantly from one supplier to another, you also want to ensure that you
purchase quality brands and ensure that all equipment purchased has been professionally checked & tested by third party technicians.

Some of the different types of terminology you can use when looking to buy used bakery equipment online
from Bakery Equipment Supplies can include:

Used Bakery Equipment for sale

2nd hand bakery equipment

2nd hand bakery equipment for sale

Reconditioned bakery equipment

surplus bakery equipment

Once you have identified who sells bakery equipment, you should compile a list of  bakery equipment for your bakery.

This will help you quickly & easily identify all the equipment that you will need to purchase for your bakery.


List of Equipment for a Bakery

A Sample List of Bakery Equipment needed to Start a Bakery:

Types of Bakery Equipment needed to start a bakery can include:

  • Bakers Oven
  • Baking Mixer
  • Cake Baking Equipment
  • Baking Utensils
  • Pastry Equipment
  • Dough Divider
  • Donut Mixer Equipment
  • Bread Equipment
  • Pizza Equipment
  • dough divider bread 
  • baking machine
  • Pastry equipment
  • patisserie equipment
  • spiral mixer

You may be open to suggestions with regards to brands, or you may want to narrow your list down and be more
specific i.e. Bakery equipment oven brands

Bakery Ovens:

A list of some, not All Bakery Equipment Ovens available to purchase include:

  • Rotel
  • Rational
  • Revent
  • John Willet
  • Tagliavini Rack Oven
  • Pavailler Rack Oven
  • Logiudice Forni Oven
  • Eurodeck
  • Sveba Dahlen
  • Bongard
  • Pietroberto

To help you determine and evaluate different brands of Bakery Equipment – Bakery Equipment Supplies you will want to look at Bakery Equipment Manufacturers

There are many bakery equipment manufacturers producing bakery equipment all over the world,
bakery equipment is made in Australia, and overseas with lots of bakery equipment being made in Europe.

Years ago the majority of bakery equipment purchased by bakeries was made in Europe predominantly Italy &
Germany, nowadays lots of bakery equipment is being produced by bakery equipment manufacturers all over the
world including Australia, Turkey, Korea through to India.

Do research to know which bakery equipment brands to buy although a bakery equipment brand made in Italy is
going to be more expensive to purchase than bakery equipment made in China, you need to compare like for like (no point comparing a robust,
well made brand that has been around for many years & is still being sold today to one
that has only recently been introduced to the market with very little to no R&D research & development
just because it is being sold for a fraction of the cost.

Some of the best bakery equipment brands are brands that have stood the test of time, meaning that they have been around for a long time, they have input a lot of money into
R&D (research & Development) these brands produce
quality bakery equipment many of these well established brands still make and sell the same equipment they did
years ago.

Bakery Equipment Italy

Italy evolved as one of the key players in the design, production and manufacturing of bakery equipment, they built a name for themselves as a producer of quality brands of
Bakery Equipment Supplies -Italy, brands should be considered if you are looking for both quality & longevity.

Italian Bakery Machines Manufacturers include brands such as:
Sottoriva, Mondial, Forni, Logiudice Forni, Machinery and Equipment for bakery, Foto Fabbrica Turri, CP Impianti – Bakery Equipment, Sancassiano & Pietroberto.


Setting up a Bakery:

Once you have defined your target market and you know what types of products you are going to sell in your bakery
you will need to start thinking about the types of bakery equipment you are going to need for your bakery.

Bakery equipment needed to start a bakery range from bakers ovens, bread baking equipmentcommercial bakery equipment, commercial bakery oven, bakery machineindustrial bakery equipment, 

Do you have enough money saved up to purchase equipment outright or will you require finance or a loan?  Things
can help you determine what type of equipment to purchase & also whether or not to purchase brand new bakery
equipment or used bakery equipment.

Are you going to purchase brand new bakery equipment or are you going to opt for used bakery equipment.
Bakery equipment can be very expensive so will be cost prohibitive for many bakeries though you can always opt for quality used bakery equipment.

If you are unsure do some research to see who supplies equipment, the types of equipment they have available new versus used & also the pricing & quality of equipment available. 


Bakery Set Up

Once you have determined all your bakery equipment supplies:

Co-ordinate with the suppliers you are purchasing from to ensure that you will have all the equipment for your bakery.

Order and pay for the bakery equipment

Arrange delivery prior to opening your bakery 

It is always advisable to plan ahead and create a mini project plan with action with goals, action steps and assign tasks and time frames for yourself.

Prior to opening your bakery you should identify bakery supplies to ensure you have all your Bakery Ingredients,
Baking Utensils & Bakery Accessories covered for your bakery.

Search online for Wholesale baking supplies, Professional bakery supplies, Commercial baking supplies to find the best bakery supplies for your bakery.

Once you have gone through each and every point above, you will be ready to open your bakery with clear steps and
guidelines to help you along the way, helping to ensure a successful Bakery Business.

For more user friendly information and helpful tips – see our Bakery Guide 101 series.

Bakery Equipment Used