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Food Manufacturing

Food Manufacturing

 Food Manufacturing

Food manufacturing is the process of taking ingredients and turning them into food products for people to consume.

The ingredients may be raw or cooked.  The food product may be made from one ingredient as in the case of fresh raw apples to make apple puree, or the food product may be made form a combination of ingredients.

Food Product Manufacturing can comprise of a small number of steps or a combination of many different steps depending on the product being made & the ingredients being used.

The different steps involved in food manufacturing can include: 






NPD – New Product Development

Food Manufacturing businesses work on developing safe food products for consumers.  They look at creating products that meet the needs, wants & preferences of the consumer.  

If there is a product niche that has not yet been fulfilled then a successful food manufacturer will aim to fulfil that product niche which can involve new product development whereby products are produced to fulfil specific needs and wants of consumers.  

A large food manufacturing business through marketing, advertising and branding can create products whereby there is not necessarily a want or need for a specific product, though the large food manufacturing business through advertising, marketing & branding can create a want or need for a specific product.  

Food manufacturing is a complex and highly regulated industry that requires strict adherence to food safety and quality standards. Manufacturers must follow strict guidelines and regulations set by local and international authorities to ensure that the food they produce is safe for human consumption.

This includes measures to prevent contamination, ensure proper food labelling, and maintain proper hygiene and sanitation practices throughout the production process.

What is the manufacture of food?

The manufacture of food can comprise of washing ingredients, processing ingredients which can include things like cutting and combining ingredients to produce edible products for the end consumer to enjoy.

Any food that is manufactured that is for retail or wholesale purposes generally always has to be uniform in weight, size, taste texture, consistency & appearance.

So the end consumer knows exactly what they are purchasing the products should generally always look, feel & even taste exactly the same.  Not only is it important for uniformity with the packaging of the product, it is equally important for their to be uniformity with the actual product.

Processed Food Manufacturing is all the steps required to make & produce processed foods such as baby foods.

Food manufacturing provides a business with the means of being able to do this with ease.

Who are the Largest Food Manufacturers Globally?

Listed below are the top 5 global food manufacturers:

1. Unilever (a British multinational consumer goods company with head quarters  in London, UK.  Founded in 1929.

2. The Archer-Daniels-Midland Company, commonly known as ADM is an American multinational food processing and commodities trading corporation founded in Minneapolis, Minnesota in 1902.

3. PepsiCo – an American multinational food, snack and beverage corporation headquartered in Harrison, New York, USA.  Founded in North Carolina, USA in 1920.

4. Nestlé SA is a Swiss multinational food and drink processing corporation, which engages in the manufacture, supply and production of prepared dishes and cooking aids, milk-based products, pharmaceuticals and ophthalmic goods, baby foods and cereals. It is headquartered in Vevey, Vaud, Switzerland.  Founded in 1866.

5. Cargill Incorporated, an American privately held global food corporation based in Minnetonka, Minnesota, and incorporated in Wilmington, Delaware. Founded in 1865.  Cargill, it is the largest privately held corporation in the United States in terms of revenue.

Who are Australia’s largest food manufacturers?  For a complete list taken from research conducted in 2021, a complete list of the Top 100 Australian Food & Beverage Manufacturers. 

Who is Australia’s Largest Food Manufacturer?

Australia’s Top 100 Food and Drink Companies – 2021.


Top 10 Australian Food Manufacturing Businesses

1. Fonterra

2. JBS

3. Coco-Cola Amatil

4. Lion

5. Asahi Holdings

6. Teys

7. Treasury Wine Estates

8. Saputo Dairy Australia

9. Ingham’s

10. Nestle

Top 20

11. Goodman Fielder

12. George Weston Foods

13. Bega Cheese

14. Thomas Foods International

15. Lactalis Australia

16. Pepsico Australia & New Zealand

17. Baiada Poultry

18. Wilmar Sugar

19. Mars Rigley

20. The A2 Milk Company

21. Mondelez Australia

22. Manildra Group

23. Simplot Australia

24. Turners & Growers

25. Costa Group

26. Unlilever

27. Sunrise

28. Queensland Sugar

29. Kraft Heinz

30. NH Foods Australia

31. Mccain Foods

32. Arnott’s

33. Allied Pinnacle

34. Bright Food Group

35. Midfield Meat International

36. Tuross

37. Norco Co-Op

38. Perfection Fresh Australia

39. Diageo Australia

40. Freedom Foods Group

41. Pernod Ricard

42. Tassal Group

43. Bindaree Beef Group

44. Casella Family Brands

45. O Merchant

46. Accolade Wines

47. Peters Food Group

48. KB Food

49. Sanatarium Health Food Company

Top 50

50. Kellog’s Australia

51. Scalzo Food Industries

52. Freshmax

53. Gerladton Fisherman’s Co-Op

54. Sunny Queen Farms

55. Patties Foods

56, Rivalea

57. Wammco International

58. Maccay Sugar

59. General Mills

60. Huon Aquaculture

61. San Remo

62. Hazeldene’s Chicken Farm

63. Kinrise

64. Monde Nissin

65. MSF Sugar

66. HSK Ward

67. Vittoria Food & Beverage

68. Craig Mostyn Group

69. Frucor Suntory

70. Cordina Chicken Farms

71. Brown-Forman Australia

72. One Harvest

73. Golden Cockerel 

74. Coopers Brewery

75. Australian Vintage

76. MPO Dairy Products

77. Nolan Meats

78. Select Harvests

79. G & K O’Connor

Top 80

80. Ferrero Australia

81. Sunpork

82. Almondco Australia

83. Beam Global Australia

84. NCMC

85. Moet Hennessy 

86. Vesco Foods

87. Lindt

88. Kerry Ingredeints

89. Bundaberg Sugar

90. Bertocchi Small Goods

91. Conga Foods

92. Langdon Ingredients

93. Chobani

94. De Bortoli Wines

95. Tully Sugar

96. Boundary Bend

97. Safcol

98. Mccormick

99. Australian Bakers

100. Petuna

Top 100

Many of these businesses are either international businesses who have set up in Australia or are Australian businesses that have been bought out by international businesses as in the case of Arnott’s.



The difference between a large food manufacturing business, a Food Producer and an Artisan Food Producer?

A large food manufacturing business is a business who manufacture large amount of food and or beverages on an industrial scale using large industrial food processing equipment to do so.  They use food processing lines.  The food manufacturing plants can be located in Australia or overseas as such food products can be processed & made in Australia or overseas.

A Food Manufacturer manufactures food products on a commercial scale using commercial food production, food processing equipment.  Some equipment may be produced on a commercial scale and some may be produced on more of an industrial scale depending on the type and scale of food required to be produced which helps to determine the type and size of equipment that is required.  An Australian Food Producer will generally produce food products in Australia.

An artisan food producer on the other hand will generally always produce food products in Australia, locally, some artisans food producers may produce food products nationally.  The creation of the food products are produced on a much smaller scale.  The equipment used although commercial is not industrial in size.

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Food Manufacturing

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