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Partnered with a Cookie Producer in Nerang Gold Coast to supply them with a Rheon Cornucopia KN170.  Helped them achieve HUGE SAVINGS.


Cookie Producer Nerang – Gold Coast

Cookie Producer Nerang Gold Coast


Cookie Producer Nerang produced chocolate chip cookies and chocolate fondant cookies that were very popular with their customers so they decided to start increasing their customer base and offering the cookies to a broader target market including wholesale.


The only problem being that they did not anticipate the demand and the time it would take to produce the cookies by hand. It wasn’t long before they had reached full capacity of producing cookies, they were unable to fulfill customer orders and started experiencing a backlog of orders this created huge amounts of stress and unavoidably resulted in them having to let customers down by postponing, rescheduling & also canceling orders.


Solution Provided:

We Partnered with the Cookie Producer – Nerang, in the Gold Coast to assist them with the purchase of a cookie encrusting machine – Rheon Cornucopia KN170.

The Rheon Cornucopia can be used for Dough dividing, Encrusting, Cylindrical Molding,and various other molding adaptations.

This cookie encrusting machine makes cookies including filled cookies, cookie bars,mosaic cookies,marzipan,pineapple cake,sesame balls,and so much more. It is capable of producing up to 3,000 pieces per hour. Making chocolate chip cookies has never been easier, the Rheon produces cookies without crushing any chocolate chips.



With the Rheon Cornucopia KN170 sourced by Used Commercial Kitchen Equipment, we helped them achieve HUGE SAVINGS of 424%

They not only saved a considerable amount of money, they were also able to save a lot of time when producing their cookies with the Rheon, resulting in them becoming more profitable right away as they were able to increase production considerably, bid for more work and also larger contracts and they did not have to hire any more staff to cope with the increased demand as the Rheon Cornucopia KN170 machine was easily able to deal with the increased work load resulting in lots of very happy customers 🙂

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