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Italian Gelato Produced in Thailand
Gelato Producer Thailand – Italian Chef
…Traditional Italian Gelato being made & sold in Thailand by Italian Chef
Promag Gelato Batch Freezer
Promag Gelato Machine

Gelato Producer

Gelato Producer – Our customer – an Italian chef based in Thailand, who mastered the art of producing gelato partnered with us to purchase a Promag Stargel Batch Freezer for making his traditional Italian gelato (ice-cream) .


Not only did his gelato business benefit from receiving an excellent machine with very low usage, the business also benefited from huge SAVINGS up to 80% from new.

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Carpigiani Pronto 8C Gelato Machine

How is Gelato different to Ice-Cream?

Ice cream typically contains more air than gelato and therefore tends to be lighter in texture.
Gelato usually contains less air than ice cream, resulting in a denser texture, but still soft and scoopable.
Gelato traditionally uses milk and cream as its main ingredients.
Sorbet primarily contains fruit juice or fruit purée and does not use dairy products or eggs. Sorbet is less creamy.

Gelato can traditionally be described as: