Glimek Volumetric Dough Divider SD180

Glimek Volumetric Dough Divider SD180

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  • No dough is left in the hopper.
  • Measures the dough instead of weighing.
  • Capacity 750 – 1800 pieces/h.

Brand: Glimek
Model: SD180
Power Type: Electric
Power Rating: 3 Phase
Description: Used Volumetric Glimek Dough Divider



Brand Glimek
Model SD180
Power Type Electric
Power Rating 3 phase
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Guarantee Peace of Mind Guarantee
Product Origin Sweden
Status Available
Condition Used
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Glimek Volumetric Dough Divider SD180

Glimek Volumetric Dough Divider SD180


High weight accuracy. Two chamber suction divider. The hopper go allthe way down to the knife.


  • Wide weight range, 3 versions, from 35 gr to 2 300 gr.
  • Measures the dough instead of weighing.
  • Flexible regarding type of dough.
  • Variable speed with frequency converter.
  • Capacity 750 – 1800 pieces/h as standard (lower capacity on request).
  • Dough knife in stainless steel.
  • Unique emptying function (hopper reaches down to the dough knife).
  • Gentle dough handling.
Diving Dough:
  • Easy handling and cleaning – all covers in stainless steel and removable.
  • 90 liter stainless steel hopper as standard (~ 63 kg dough).
  • 225 liter stainless steel hopper (~ 150 kg dough hopper) (option).
  • Non-stick coated hopper (option).
  • Oil reservoir 17 liter, easy to fill.
  • Extremely silent 72 dB(A).
  • Highest safety with auto stop function.
  • When touching the safety edge on the hopper, the machine stops
  • Blue plastic parts for better detection and food safety.


Dough Divider:
  • The Glimek SD180 suction dough divider, is a silent, automatic suction-fed dough divider for most types of dough.
  • High weight accuracy and flexible weight range, which makes it suitable for both small bakeries and larger industrial bakeries.
  • Capacity from 750 to 1800 pieces per hour and hopper size of either 90L or 225L as standard.
  • A very useful and time saving machine for dough handling when making bread and pastries.
  • SD180 has the highest security in its class with a auto stop safety edge function on the hopper and is very silent.
  • Easy to clean and easy to operate, with thoughtful ergonomics for best user-friendliness.
  • Increase the bakeries gentle dough handling productivity and make perfectly divided dough buns with SD180 Suction Dough Divider.


Why you should have a volumetric Dough Divider from Glimek

Dough dividers from Glimek are volumetric.

Dough is pulled down into the hopper by suction where it gets cut off at the correct volume of the dough depending on the setting.

This technique makes possible for the dough to have different fermentation times and still get perfect baking result since the pressure on the cut off dough is adapted after the fermentation process.

When dough is divided with a Glimek, very little to no chemicals are needed to produce dough.  Produce dough with an airier crumb.

Baking artisan and more sensitive bread, the volumetric method is preferred since the volume development is much better compared to other methods.


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