Maestromix MJ50 Spiral Dough Mixer

Maestromix MJ50 Spiral Dough Mixer

Maestromix MJ50 Spiral Dough Mixer

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  • Great Commercial Spiral Dough Mixer for dough related products

Brand: Maestro Mix
Product Code: Maestro Mix MJ50
Description: Used Commercial Spiral Dough Mixer MJ50
Dimensions: W*D*H 67.5cm*115cm*120cm
Power Type: Electric
Power Rating: 3 phase


Brand Maestro Mix
Product Code MJ50
Description Used Commercial Spiral Dough Mixer Maestro Mix MJ50
Power Type Electric          
Power Rating 3 Phase            
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Condition Used
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Dimensions 67.5 × 115 × 120 mm

Maestromix MJ50 Spiral Dough Mixer 

Maestromix MJ50 Spiral Dough Mixer
  • Spiral Mixer MJ50
  • Flour 30kgs
  • Dough 50kgs
Ideal for:

Ideal for pizzerias, bakeries, dumpling restaurants and other establishments that consume dough in large amounts.

Guaranteed to withstand the busiest commercial kitchen environments.


  • Select from a range of specialist dough mixing spiral mixers. In a spiral mixer, a spiral-shaped agitator remains stationary while the bowl rotates.
  • This method enables spiral mixers to mix the same size dough batch much quicker and with less under-mixed dough than a similarly powered planetary mixer.
  • Spiral mixers can mix dough with less agitator friction than planetary mixers.
  • This allows the dough to be mixed without increasing its temperature, ensuring the dough can rise properly.
  • The 2 BAGS 50 Maestromix can mix up to 50 kg dough mixed with 55% water.
  • This professional bakery grade unit ideal for establishments that do large volume mixing features computerised touchpad controls, timer and a variable speed motor which gives you more precise control over your dough mixing process.
  • Safety features include a safety guard and safety switches.
  • This unit a powerful and heavy duty asset in your kitchen that is guaranteed to bring down dough preparation times.
  • The Maestro Mix range of spiral mixers are the ideal choice for pizzerias, dumpling restaurants, Indian and Middle Eastern Restaurants, bakeries and cafes that bake their own bread.


Also Known As: Used Maestromix MJ50 Spiral Dough Mixer,
Used Commercial Bakery Spiral Dough Mixer.

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