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Wholesale Bakery

Wholesale Bakery

Wholesale Bakery Sydney

Wholesale Bakery based in North Homebush, NSW, Australia contacted Used Commercial Kitchen Equipment.

The Bakery produce a range of freshly made gourmet cakes & slices.

With many different varieties of gourmet cakes & slices available to purchase  there is something for everyone.

With a customer base that spans across Retailers, Caterers, Restaurants, Cafes, Nursing Homes, Hospitals and Clubs & a product offering that is available to customers Australia wide.

The Bakery has grown to a dedicated 35 person team.

Having built a brand with a core focus & emphasis on premium quality ingredients & maintaining a reputation built on products that are of exceptional quality & taste this bakery has built up a a large loyal customer base.

Using only the best whole fresh ingredients like real oranges, real bananas, real macadamia nuts & real apples.

All products are freshly baked onsite at their HACCP certified bakery.

Bakery Product Range:

The product range includes:

Wholesale Cakes:

Caf’e Cakes – with over 50 different cafe cakes available to purchase.  Ranging from muffins, brownies, baked cheese cake, carrot cake, chocolate lava puddings.

Round Cakes including chocolate cake, mud cake, cookies & cream, coffee espresso, 

Bread Cakes including banana bread, coconut bread & mini coconut bread.

Gluten Free including: mango macadamia, orange & almond, chocolate. Mud cake, Pear & Raspberry,.

Cheesecakes: Passion fruit Cheesecake

Catering for gluten free 

Kid’s Party Cakes

Mocaccino Cakes

Tray Cakes including: Banoffee Tray Cake, Chocolate Bavarian Tray Cake, Apple Blueberry Crumble Tea Cake.  Black Forrest Gateaux Tray Cake, Chocolate Crumble Tea Cake, Orange & Poppy Seed Tray CakePineapple Crumble Tea CakeStrawberry Gateaux, Traditional apple rhubarb crumble.

Unwrapped & Wrapped

Unwrapped: including bread & butter pudding or customers can elect wrapped cakes that come in branded packaging.

Also offering a savoury option – freshly baked vegetable quiche.

As the cakes are freshly baked, many of them have up to a 7 Day Refrigerated Shelf Life & if required many also have up to a 9 Month Frozen Shelf Life.

With a large customer base in the aged care & hospital sector this wholesale bakery knows all to  well the importance of not only providing quality products with real authentic ingredients, though products that meet & adhere to strict quality control processes & procedures as such this wholesale bakery adheres to HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points) food production system & were one of the pioneers of getting on board and following and adhering to this system.

Equipment Requirement:

A bakery forming machine to produce cookies & biscuits – a Deighton Formatic Forming Machine.



Deighton Formatic Forming Machine with Drum & Stand.  Including foot pedal.  Deighton Formatic Forming Machines are highly suited to various industries within the food manufacturing business including bakeries and are known world wide for their cookie making machines.  

Deighton Formatic Forming Machine

Based in Bradford in the UK, Deighton Manufacturing Limited specialise in producing innovative equipment for the food processing industry. 

Deighton Formatic Forming Machines offer customers with the ability to operate fully automatic processing systems, which results in increased efficiency and improved productivity as well as improved product quality through the production of uniform products.  

Customers are also able to benefit from an investment in product development, which can help to quickly & easily expand a product offering which can be fundamental to a company’s growth & future development.

Deighton Formatic cookie & biscuit forming machine can also be used to make slices.  

The Deighton Formatic Forming Machine can be purchased with drums of all different shapes and sizes.  Opt for one of the standard drums or let your magnification run wild  by creating and designing your own unique shape.  

It can be based on a brand identity logo design creating that perfect one of a kind uniqueness or a specially designed shape or object.

Drums can be designed to produce one shape or up to 3 shapes.  Single drum shape, double drum shape or even a triple drum shape depending on the type & size of the drum.

Cookie – Biscuit Making Machines

The Formatic range by Deighton Manufacturing is the perfect machine for your cookie and biscuit making production:

  • Accurate variable portion control
  • Up to 12,000 single forms per hour (depending on the machine purchased)
  • Fully automatic
  • Automatic paper application
  • Multiple form shapes available
  • Quick product change
  • Adjustable thickness



The customer was provided with a solution that helped achieve a significant saving of 65%.


For more information or to see some of the equipment currently available at Used Commercial Kitchen Equipment or to partner with a business who can assist in addressing equipment needs & requirements for all types of food processing then contact Used Commercial Kitchen Equipment to find out more.

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Wholesale Bakery

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