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Animal Complete Nutrition for Cats & Dogs Food & Treats

Animal Complete Nutrition for Cats & Dogs Food & Treats

Animal Complete Nutrition for Cats & Dogs Food & Treats

Animal Complete Nutrition for Cats & Dogs Food & treats.

A leading producer of real wholesome, nutritious food for our canine & feline companions in Bayswater, Melbourne, Victoria. 

Providing complete nutrition for cats and dogs from and kittens through to senior cats and dogs.

The product offering also includes a range of healthy nutritious treats.


Setting the standard for premium nutrition.

Providing a species specific diet for cats and dogs, providing an array of snacks, treats and meals that ensure pets are able to obtain optimal health and wellbeing – energy, vitality, healthy gut micro-biome.  Prevents allergies, reduces inflammation a key indicator for disease.

Food ingredients are locally sourced and contain – No artificial colours, flavours, preservatives.  No Nasties, No added sugars or salt.  Human grade meats.

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Products are made from premium grade Australian ingredients.


The range includes:


Healthy Pet Treats:

  • Dehydrated Dog Treats
  • Dehydrated Dog Chews
  • Dehydrated Cat Treats

Animal Complete Nutrition for Cats & Dogs Food & Treats
Dehydrated Cat Treats:

  • Rabbit Meat
  • Chicken Breast
  • Emu Jerky
  • Whitebait
  • Chicken Liver
  • Shaved Fish
  • Duck Tenders
  • Duck Livers


Ready Made Meals


Dehydrated Dog Treats:

  • Beef Ox Heart
  • Beef Liver
  • Bundle Pack for Puppies
  • Chicken Liver, Breast, Necks,
  • Duck Heart, Liver, Tenders,
  • Emu with various types of bush spice
  • Green Lipped mussels
  • Fish Bites
  • Lamb
  • Pilchard
  • Turkey


Patties – Emu & Blueberry

Duck Tenders

Bush Tucker Patties: Aniseed Myrtle 

Patties: Emu 

Emu Jerky

Patties: Emu & Desert Mix

Bush Tucker Patties: Emu & Bush Plum

Petties: Kangaroo & Rabbit


Ready Made Meals

Raw Meals for Dogs ranging from puppy to senior dogs and BARF Diet

Raw Meals for Cats including premium patties for cats 

Functional Meals for Dogs including gastrointestinal boost & gut soothing meals.

Cooked Meals for Dogs including Homestyle Loaf & Casserole


Meat & Bones

Mince: turkey, lamb, beef, veal, venison, emu, duck, chicken, 

Assorted bones – a range of fresh nutritious bones.


Healthy Extras:

  • Australian Kelp
  • Brewers yeast
  • Kerrferrin
  • Nutritional Yeast
  • Tripe Powder
  • Colostrum Powder
  • Eggshell Powder
  • Diatomaceous Earth
  • Emu Oil
  • Zeolite Powder
  • Homeopathic Tartar & Gingivitis Control



Equipment Requirement:

A Commercial Tilting Kettle




A CommercialTilting Kettle.

A commercial kettle is more advanced than a stockpot on a range, a kettle can simmer sauces and prep stocks and soups (along with many other foods) without supervision .

They can be partially automated and set up for the specific needs of a commercial kitchen, which can considerably help reduce labor and cooking time.




A quality branded Commercial Tilting Kettle with significant saving of 426% as opposed to purchasing a brand new kettle.

An ethical company not only are they producing nourishing, wholesome food for peoples pets, they are also doing their bit for the environment and reducing landfill by purchasing used commercial food processing equipment.

Customers purchasing used equipment can not only fell good about their purchases from a financial perspective as they can achieve significant savings. They can also feel good about their purchase from an environmental perspective as by purchasing used – second hand equipment, a business is benefiting society on both a micro and macro level.

Socially and environmentally conscious purchase.


Check out Used Commercial Kitchen Equipment:

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