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Used Bakery Equipment for Sale

Used Bakery Equipment for Sale

Used Bakery Equipment for Sale

Although bakeries can be highly profitable due to the low cost of most the ingredients used namely:

  • Flour
  • Water
  • Sugar
  • Yeast

The set up cost required to set up a bakery in Australia are extremely high. 

Just like many other commercial food businesses the start up costs can put a significant amount of financial strain on a business.

The bakery has to operate for a significant amount of time before the business owners are able to break even and then start to recuperate their costs.  


How much does it cost to open a bakery in Australia?

According to Bakers Delight Australia.  The set up costs required to open a bakery in Australia are as follows:

Bakery Set Up Costs:

Average bakery fit out, equipment and start-up costs $600,000 – $700,000 + GST

Admittedly if you are opening your own bakery and not setting up a franchise, you may be able to decrease this amount a fair bit.  

Though you will still incur a significant amount of costs just from purchasing the bakery equipment alone irrespective of the fit out and general start up costs.

The cost of purchasing Brand New Bakery Equipment is extremely high and as soon as the equipment is deemed used or second hand (which generally occurs as soon as it is delivered to the customer). 

Just like a brand new car is no longer deemed brand new as soon as it is driven away from the forecourt of the dealership.

Unfortunately brand new bakery equipment, although extremely expensive to purchase depreciates in value significantly as soon as it is deemed as used – second hand.

Brand new, unused equipment can depreciate in value as much as 50% +.  As soon as it is is deemed as being used – second hand.

If the piece of equipment no longer has a warranty, then it will depreciate in value significantly more.


Are Bakeries Still Profitable?

The short answer to that question is Yes, bakeries can still be profitable.

Although the average revenue of a bakery is lower than the average revenue of a restaurant. Though bakeries can have a greater profit making potential as the operating costs of a bakery are lower. 

Including the cost of ingredients. 

Bakeries have greater profit making potential as they can be operated on lower labor costs.

Provided that a bakery they have invested in purchasing equipment and the cost of the ingredients are significantly lower than they are in other food businesses. 

A sensible bakery will ensure that they have purchased the correct sort of equipment to be able to automate bakery processes and reduce labour costs.


what is the failure rate of bakeries?

According to industry standard research –  1 in every 5 bakeries fail

Don’t let your bakery become one of these statistics. 

Look to purchase quality used – second hand bakery equipment. 

Not only will you save yourself a significant amount of money, you will also provide your bakery with the the opportunity of being one of the success stories.


For the latest: Used & Seccond Hand Bakery Equipment for Sale.

By purchasing used – second hand bakery equipment from Used Commercial Kitchen Equipment:

  • Not only will you save a significant amount of money. 
  • You will also be provided with a peace of mind guarantee. 
  • Bakery equipment is also third party independently checked & tested by specialist bakery equipment technicians prior to dispatch.  

Used Bakery Equipment for Sale

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