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Fresh Pasta Producer

Fresh Pasta Producer

Fresh Pasta Producer on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland (QLD) in the Noosa Hinterland, partnered with Used Commercial Kitchen Equipment.

fresh pasta producer

The Fresh Pasta Producer makes all their pasta fresh from scratch sourcing the freshest ingredients using an authentic traditional pasta recipe. 

They don’t use anything artificial – only fresh natural ingredients. 

No artificial colours, no artificial flavours, no artificial preservatives, no gums.

No thickeners, no msg is added to their products.

The reason why it tastes so fresh, tasty and is also packed full of nutritional goodness.


Fresh Pasta Brand

The Fresh Pasta Producer range includes: 

Spaghetti, fettuccine, Linguine & many more.

Producing ravioli including wild mushroom, spinach & ricotta through to sun-dried tomatoes & also roasted pumpkin & sweet potato. 

They also make pasta, family meals including beef lasagne, vegetable lasagne, cannelloni. 

To top it off their freshly made pasta they make the perfect accompaniment with their delicious range of freshly made sauces including: Napoli, matriciana, slow cooked beef bolognese & tomato & mascarpone.

All products are freshly made in smaller batches to ensure that they maintain the freshness, flavour & nutrients.

Ensuring that the customer always receives the freshest, tastiest products.

Specialising in the production & supply of pasta & pasta based products since 2011.

Supplying freshly made pasta to restaurants, resorts, chefs, stores including IGA across the sunshine coast.


Fresh Pasta Equipment Requirements:

Fresh Pasta Equipment Requirements: 

The customer had 2 Equipment Requirements: 


Equipment Requirement One: The customer was looking for a solution to be able to uniformly & rapidly heat products to processing temperature.

A steam jacketed tilting kettle.


Equipment Requirement Two:   The customer wanted a unit that was capable of operating in a smooth efficient manner. 

One that would allow for high volume usage  & efficient output whilst always ensuring to never compromise on the quality of the product being produced. 

A. Unit that was capable of emulsifying, processing, mincing, chopping, grinding & kneading food ingredients. A large commercial food processor.



Solution One:

The customer selected a steam jacketed kettle that allows for Greater productivity whereby food products can be made in a uniform manner.

Steam jacketed kettles heat rapidly & offer faster cooking times as two thirds of the cooking surface comes into contact with the food product at a much lower temperature.

Compared to stock pots which cooks at a much higher temperature & is only available at the bottom of the stock pot. 

A commercial steam jacketed tilting kettle – where steam is injected into a thin jacket that surrounds the bowl of the kettle to retain the heat at a steady temperature that doesn’t fluctuate. ensuring greater productivity & ensures food products are always cooked in more of a uniform manner.

A large commercial heavy duty food processor & also a large commercial steam jacketed tilting kettle.

Electric tilting kettle

All stainless steel exterior

2?3 steam jacketed

Manual tilting, balanced design

Water resistant controls, splash-proof construction

Welded-in heating elements

Re-inforced rolled rim design

Self locking marine type tilting mechanism

Accurate, consistent solid state temperature controls

Operating temperature range from 63°-127°C

LED indicator for heat cycle and low water

Rear mounted easy access pressure gauge and pressure relief valve

Self contained, easily installed

Splash proof element cover with a double gasket seal

Large pouring lip for high capacity and chunky products

The solution provided enabled the customer to benefit from:

  • Better food quality
  • Greater Productivity
  • Less work required
  • Maximise on profits
  • Energy efficiency
  • Smaller footprint
Solution Two:

The customer selected a top of the range commercial food processor.

Ideal for commercial kitchens producing a large volume of product.

A unit that always ensured maintaining quality, taste & nutrient profile of the ingredients as well as the final food product being produced. 

The solution allows for emulsification of food, processing of sauces, mincing, chopping, grinding & even kneading dough.

Made for intensive use, very easy to operate & use, & extremely easy to clean.  It operates with precision and smoothness unparalleled by many other brands. 



The customer was provided with two solutions that not only helped save them time & also a significant amount of mooney,.

The solutions provided would grow with the business as it developed and expanded.


340% Saving for solution One

360% Saving for solution Two

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