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Burger Bar Logan

Burger Bar Logan

Burger Bar Logan, Queensland, contacted Used Commercial Kitchen Equipment to supply commercial kitchen equipment including Unox Oven, Moffat Char Grill & Griddle.

Selling a variety of burgers all accompanied with freshly made chips their menu would also include specialty burgers to cater for breakfast customers including: bacon, sausage and egg burgers and also a variety of burgers for lunchtime customers.

Video – Logan Burger Takeaway and cafe


Located near the large shopping complex in Logan, our customer decided to open a food venue that specialised in providing a variety of burgers or different types of meat in a bun including beef, chicken, fish all served with chips.  Fast, convenient meals that are prepared in a flash and can be grabbed and enjoyed whilst on the go.

Our customer required strong, robust equipment that they could rely in and enable them to quickly and easily prepare tasty food to go.  The equipment supplied included a Moffat Cobra Chargrill, a Unox oven & Unox stand & a flat plate griddle.

HUGE SAVINGS – 90% SAVING on equipment.


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