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French Kosher Bakery Sydney

French Kosher Bakery Sydney – Challah Bread

Challah Bread, a soft sweet bread

Large Commercial
Dough Mixer

Making & Baking Challah Bread braided bread


Partnered with a French Kosher Bakery in Sydney to supply them with a Esmach Italian Spiral Mixer 120kg. 

Helped them achieve HUGE SAVINGS.


French Kosher Bakery Sydney

French Kosher Bakery Sydney

Our customer – A French Kosher Bakery Sydney
was baking large amounts of baked goods particularly challah bread and had noticed a huge increase in the sale of challah bread
particularly getting close to the Sabath on Fidays and during other ceremonial holidays, though they also noticed a general increase
in the sale and consumption of this bread across the board as more and more customers were buying challah bread
all year round as one of their preferred sources of bread due to the soft sweet taste and texture challah bread.

The French Kosher Bakery Sydney needed to ramp up production, the process of making freshly made challah bread can be
very time consuming particularly when trying to make small batches with smaller commercial mixers.

Video – Kosher Bakery Sydney

Customer Used Bakery Equipment Requirement:

Our customer required a very large commercial dough mixer to enable them to be able to produce large amounts of freshly made
challah bread on a daily basis .

A large commercial mixer that would enable them to produce the challah bread dough mixture as quickly as possible
so that they could then divide, braid and bake the bread.



The Solution – the French Kosher Bakery Sydney purchased a Used Commercial Spiral Dough Mixer 120kg –

Used Esmach Italian Spiral Mixer 120kg

This mixer has a dough capacity of 120kg.


Huge Savings: 380% 

Producing an array of baked goods made from organic ingredients.

Well known for their challah bread.

Challah Bread is a sweet braided bread, also known as kitke bread (or kitka as it is pronounced) & their delicious doughnuts.

Alternative names for challah bread: Hallah, khala, khale,chałka, kitke,  berkhes, barches, bukhte, dacher, koylatch, koilitsh, shtritsl

Challah bread is a soft, slightly sweet braided bread that is made & eaten on ceremonial occasions including the sabbath
though can be enjoyed all year round.

There are generally  2 different types of challah bread namely: traditional Ashkenazi egg challah bread whereby recipes include ingredients such as: eggs, fine white flour, water, sugar, yeast & salt .

The other type of challah bread is referred to as water challah bread as it is made without eggs.
The texture of wet challah is similar to French baguettes.

Modern recipes for challah bread may replace white flour with whole wheat, oat, or spelt flour and sugar may be replaced with honey
or molasses.

Challah bread can be topped with sesame seeds, poppy seeds or anise.  Some recipes for challah include olive oil as an ingredient.

Egg challah may also sometimes contain raisins and/or saffron.


Although traditional challah bread was always made from flour, nowadays there are numerous Gluten Free
variations and recipes available.

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