Craft Brewery Burleigh Heads
Craft Brewery, Burleigh Heads
…Micro Brewery located in Burleigh Heads, QLD.

Required a large commercial refrigeration solution

Large Glass Double Door Commercial Fridge

Craft Brewery Burleigh Heads

Our customer a Craft Brewery, also known as a micro brewery or boutique brewery as they are a brewery that produce small amounts of often specialised beer which is distinctively different to large corporate breweries who mass produce large amounts of beer on a huge commercial scale.

Craft breweries or micro breweries are often independently owned, they also place a very strong emphasis on specialised brewing techniques which evolve around beers  which are renowned for both quality and flavour.

Their brewing techniques generally tend to focus more on traditional brewing techniques as opposed to any form of mass production of beer. 

The ingredients used by many craft breweries is often more natural in origin and are preferably obtained direct from the source.   Premium ingredients are only ever used be it Australian, American or European and many craft breweries in Australia look to use predominantly Australian ingredients.

These key factors provide craft breweries with the added advantage of being able to produce premium craft beers, lagers and ales with a variety of robust, complex or unusual flavours that are often lacking from many commercially mass produced beer. 

These micro breweries are what would often be referred to as the artisan producers of breweries.

Located in Burleigh Heads QLD,  they produce some fine local beers & ales.

Equipment Requirement:

The Craft Brewery, required a large commercial refrigeration solution for their micro brewery in Burleigh Heads, QLD where they produce a range of craft beer.

Their specific requirements comprised of obtaining  a large commercial glass double door fridge for their establishment which Used Commercial Kitchen Equipment were able to assist by providing the best solution to meet their specific needs.

Solution Provided:

The Solution, a large double glass door commercial fridge that was new unused, in excellent condition and also provided our customer with a significant saving as opposed to purchasing brand new equipment.

Savings of up to 83% were achieved.

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