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Northern Rivers NSW – church

Northern Rivers NSW – Church

… need to cook large volume of meals


Rational SCC WE 101W & Rational SCC WE 601

Rational SCC WE Ovens Saving:

Northern Rivers NSW Church 

Northern Rivers NSW Church approached us as they were looking for a solution that would enable them to cook a large volume of meals
for events run by their congregation.  A Rational SCC WE 101W & also a Rational SCC WE 601

These events included regular Church Luncheons for all the people of their parish to attend as well other organised events
that were not only open to their church members, though could also be attended by locals within the community.

Video – Church Northern Rivers NSW

As such the church required a solution whereby they could quickly & easily cook a large
amount of food & they were also particularly interested in a solution which helped minimise the cleanup process as much
as possible.

The Solution:

The church were provided with the following Solution:

 Rational SCC WE 101W and a SCC WE 601

1 x Rational Rack


Rational Ovens are at the forefront of oven technology when it comes to commercial ovens, these particular ovens
SelfCookingCenter®  5Senses – white efficiency utiise advanced technology.  The Rational SelfCookingCenter® is the world’s
first cooking system to have real intelligence it also benefits from the SelfCookingControl® with 7 cooking modes as well as
HDC – HiDensityControl® for precision.

Not to mention iCC – Simple to use cooking intelligence

The Rational SCC WE 101E Electric Combi Oven also benefits from:

  •  iLC – Cleaver mixed load cooking
  • Efficient CareControl – intelligent automated cleaning & scale management
  • ConnectedCooking – to keep you in touch

The unit is W847xD776xH1042mm and can be fit with a rack that has the capacity to hold and cook using 10 x 1/1 GN pans
at once.

Operating using electric power supply with the following power rating: 18.6kW 3 phase supply.

The Rational SCCWE 101E which can accommodate 10 x 1/1 GN pans along the slightly smaller Rational SCC 601 which
when fit with the standard Rational cooking rack can accommodate 6 x 1/1 GN pans.

Between the 2 units a total of 16 GN pans can be used for cooking at one time.  Meaning that a significant amount of food could be prepared and cooked all at once.


Equipment Requirement for the Northern Rivers NSW – Church 


Rational SCC WE 101W & Rational SCC WE 601

Huge Cost Saving Achieved:

Both the Rational oven units were in excellent condition with extremely low usage they could almost have been mistaken
for being new.

The Church were able to purchase the Rational Ovens & 1 x Rational Slide in Trolley and were also provided with
complimentary Rational Canopy Hood, Rational Baking Trays & Rational Trolley.



A Grand Saving of $40,000 was achieved.

SAVING a whopping 173%

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