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Salad Manufacturer Queensland

Salad Manufacturer Queensland - Salad Producer

Salad Manufacturer Queensland

Salad Manufacturer Queensland.

Our customer located in southern Queensland, Australia produce a variety of healthy, ready made salads and ready to eat  vegetables & fruit.


  • Predominantly catering for the food service and manufacturing industries.


  • With an emphasis on fresh, seasonal Australian produce.


  • A strong focus on quality and safety, they are HACCP accredited.


  • All orders are made fresh on the day that they are delivered.

The customer was experiencing a significant increase in demand for their product offering.

As a result of macro and micro economic factors including:

  • an increase in staff wages
  • increase in the cost of electric
  •  increase cost of produce more and more businesses were now looking to buy in ready made salads as opposed to making it in house themselves.

The customer was no longer just receiving business and generating business enquiries form their usual target market.

They were also receiving a significant increase in enquiries from new industries.

Providing their business with increased opportunities for growth and expansion.

The only problem being that they were currently only able to produce a specific amount of food.

Their ability to pursue this growth opportunity was very limited.

As their business was not  able to ramp up production to cater for the huge increase in demand.



Salad Producer:

Rather than taking on a large number of new employees which would result in their business having to increase the cost of their product offering considerably to allow for the increase in wages.

They decided that they would look to source used – second hand equipment.

This would enable the business to benefit from the opportunities for growth and expansion whilst still ensuring that their product offering was competitively priced.

All the new prospective customers were having to work within very tight pricing margins.

For the Salad Producer to win and secure these type of business contracts.

They would have to be able to on sell their product offering at reasonable price to allow for this.

The customer contacted Used Commercial Kitchen Equipment as they were looking for a cost effective solution to help them grow their business.

To assist during this significant growth phase of their business.

Rather than looking to purchase brand new equipment which is extremely expensive and tying up their capital.

Or purchasing the equipment on credit to have to repay the loan as well as the interest and or tie up all their cash flow.

The reason why so many businesses fail, as they overextend themselves.



Salad Manufacturer Queensland:

Our customer was very sensible in that they had decided that they would purchase top of the range used (second hand) equipment.

This way they could remain competitive with their pricing strategy and were not going to be putting their business at risk.

They could also dip their toe in the water so to speak.

To ensure that they could secure these new business contracts without negatively impacting their business in any way.

They could also ensure that these new business opportunities were going to be more of a permanent opportunity as opposed to being transient.

The customer could continue selling their quality product offering to all their existing customers.

Whilst now being able to cater for any new business opportunities.


Opportunities for Growth and Development:

As their business would now have the capacity of being able to quickly and easily ramp up production.

They could now continue to offer the same fresh quality product offering to all new prospects and customers which contacted them.

By purchasing used equipment they were also not going to be financially tied up with loans, interest etc.

They could easily sell the equipment themselves without any loss if the business opportunity was not going to be available long term.

By purchasing some larger scale production equipment they could in actual fact start saving money straight away.

Streamline the business and operate much more efficiently.

Easily extend the current product offering.

Identify other ways of growing and expanding the business.

The business owners would also be able to free up significant amounts of their own time.


By purchasing Used – Second Hand Equipment:

The customer saved a significant amount of money.

The customer purchased 4 Joni Kettles, 1 large pot washer & a vacuum packing machine.

Huge savings of over $150,000 as opposed to buying brand new for quality used second hand equipment.

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Video – Salad Manufacturer Queensland

Salad Manufacturer Queensland – Salad Producer – Producing Fresh Sensational Salads using Australian Produce.

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