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Specialty Wholesale and Food Service Bakery


Specialty Wholesale and Food Service Bakery

Specialty Wholesale and Food Service Bakery – An Australian Specialty Wholesale and Food Service Bakery producing high-quality baked goods.

Founded in 1997 providing Australians with access to a large range of quality breads and baked goods.

All products are made using the freshest, finest ingredients:

NO: GMO Ingredients; Trans Fats; High Fructose Corn Syrup; Palm Oil

  • All Wheat is 100% Australian
Baked Goods and Breads:

The range of baked goods and breads include:

  • Organic Sourdough
  • Gluten Free
  • Vegetarian
  • Vegan
  • Artisan Flatbreads
  • Sourdough
  • Flavoured Loaves

Providing a range of baked products available to food service customers and wholesale customers in Australia and internationally, in fresh, frozen, thaw-serve and par-baked options.
With a range of speciality breads that are served daily in caf├ęs, restaurants, delicatessens and baked fresh at in-store bakeries through major retail chains.
Baking European style artisan breads and baked goods using the finest ingredients using recipes steeped in tradition, taste and flavour.

The customer who was expanding their baking production facilities from Queensland, Australia to set up an additional baking production facility in Perth, Western Australia as such the customer was in need of the following bakery equipment.

Volumetric Dough Divider x 2
Four Deck Bakery Oven

We partnered with the customer to provide them with
2 x Glimek SD-180 Volumetric Dough Dividers
1 x Baker Perkins Four Deck Bakery Oven

Glimek SD-180 Volumetric Dough Dividers:

The Glimek SD180 dough divider from Sveba Dahlen has an automatic fed dough divider that can be used for most types of dough.
It has a high weight accuracy and flexible weight range making it suitable for both small artisan and also large scale production bakeries making it very well suited to our customer.
With the added benefit of a dividing capacity from 750 to 1800 pieces per hour makes this machine a very useful and time saving machine for dough handling when making bread and pastries.
Increase a bakeries gentle dough handling productivity and make perfectly divided dough buns with the Glimek SD180 Dough Divider.


Baker Perkins Four Deck Bakery Oven:

Baker Perkins is a leading manufacturer and supplier of food processing equipment and systems for the bakery, biscuit, confectionery, extruded foods and breakfast cereal sectors.

Deck Ovens are fast and versatile enough to cook everything from pizza to proteins. Deck ovens are an important addition to any wholesale bakery provider.
Some of the benefits of using a deck oven:
Efficient use of energy
Excellent Design
High Steam Retention Rate
Faster Bake Times
Crispier / Crunchier Crusts

The customer was able to achieve huge savings.

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