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Food Manufacturer

Food Manufacturer

Used Commercial Kitchen Equipment partnered with a large food manufacturer who make traditional pizza bases & sauces, based in Mansfield QLD, their core product offering is ready made authentic pizza bases & also traditional Italian-style tasting pizza sauces made from fresh wholesome ingredients including sun-dried tomatoes, garlic & basil.

Food Manufacturer

The company is a family owned & operated business who have a deep connection with producing food products & baking coming from a family of Dutch bakers dating back to 1792. 

The business has mastered the art of producing ready made par baked & freshly frozen authentic Italian style pizza bases. Perfect dough that produces thin light weight pizzas with a light crispy base & a soft fluffy crust.  The end result being a quick easy to make traditional tasing pizza with an incredible taste & texture.

Producing & selling restaurant pizza bases & sauces that customers can enjoy with friends & family in the comfort of their own home.

The company’s food service sales & also retail sales have grown exponentially offering wholesale options to large and small businesses, shops and restaurants, including export customer.

The brand including dough & sauces are stocked in over 1000 retailers in Australia alone including independent retailers, IGA, Costco & also Woolworths.


Their authentic tasting pizza dough is now available internationally at retail outlets in Hong Kong, Singapore, Vietnam & also Kuwait.

Food Manufacturer Product Range:

Producing a range of retail & food service products.

Pizza Dough 72 hour fermented sourdough pizza bases

Pizza Sauce – made from a classic Italian Recipe



The Food Service Product Range includes:

Pizza Dough:

72 hour slow fermented light, airy fluffy chewy pizza dough balls & also Bomboloni (Italian for doughnut).

Par-baked Range includes:

12” Par-baked Pizza Bases

Thin & Crispy Par-baked Pizza Bases

Gluten Free Par-baked 

Herbed Pizza Paddles

Traditional Pizza Bases

Artisan Sourdough Pizza Bases

Gluten Free Pizza Bases

Slab Pizza Bases

Thin Pizza Bases

Piadina Italian Flat Bread

Pizza Paddles (like flat breads) available in plain, beetroot or Italian herb

Topped Pizzas – Fast & Convenient & ready in 2 minutes:

Available in:

Margherita Pizza

Pepperoni Pizza

Meat Lovers Pizza

Supreme Pizza

Ham & Pineapple Pizza

Plant Based Meat Pizza (available soon)

Sauce Range – for every type of cuisine

Ready made sauces produced from fresh, flavoursome ingredients, the range 

Not only does the sauce range include Italian style sauces such as pizza sauce, Napoli sauce, bolognese sauce, Boston bean sauce.  It also includes curry sauces including butter chicken, red curry sauce.  There is also a salsa sauce sate sauce & soon to be available Bechamel sauce.


Pasta Range:

Freshly made egg pasta, snap frozen including: 

Spaghetti, Linguine & Fettuccini.

There is something for everyone including vegetarians, vegans, people following a gluten free diet


Food Manufacturer Equipment Requirements:

The Food Manufacturer produces thousands of dough balls every hour, the equipment requirements were based upon a machine that has  a high volume capacity & producing precision portions of each weight and size. A Vemag 500 Robot & also a Vemag Guillotine.



Robot500 by VEMAG & also a VEMAG Guillotine.


VEMAG Robot 500 

The VEMAG Robot 500 is. the smartest dough portioner in the VEMAG Range.  

VEMAG Maschinenbau GmbH are a German brand and have been developing and manufacturing machines and equipment for the food industry and artisan producers for over 75 years.

Manufacturing precision equipment and sought to emphasise further the system-specific character of the solutions provided to the customer, i.e. equipment that integrates the complex processing steps into the filling and portioning process into one machine.


VEMAG Guillotine

Works in conjunction with Vemag vacuum fillers, VEMAG Robots including the VEMAG Robot 500. It produces portions of exact weight and size.

The Vemag Guillotine can be used to cut portions for:various food products and can be used for: Baked Goods, Cheese, Meat, oVegetarian & Vegan Based Products & even Pet Food.



Huge Savings of 545% from new were achieved.

Food Manufacturer or Food and beverage manufacturer – For more information or to see some of the equipment currently available at Used Commercial Kitchen Equipment browse the Product Catalogue . To partner with a business who can assist in addressing equipment needs & requirements for all types of food processing then contact Used Commercial Kitchen Equipment to find out more.

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