Alto Shaam Gas Combi Oven 20.20 ESG

Alto Shaam Gas Combi Oven 20.20 ESG

Alto Shaam Gas Combi Oven 20-20 ESG

Used Alto Shaam Gas Combi Oven 20-20 ESG Can also be used as a Smoker

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Gas Combi Oven & Smoker Oven

Brand: Alto Shaam
Power Type: Gas
Power Rating: 3 Phase
Description: Used Alto Shaam Gas Combi Oven 20-20 ESG
Origin: USA
Alto Shaam Gas Combi Oven 20-20 ESG

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Capacity - 20 ea 2/1 or 40 ea 1/1G/N Pans.


Boiler less model.


Roll in rack.


Patented Combi Smoke option.


Integrated smoker included.


Touch pad controls. Six levels of Gold-n-Brown- Six precise and consistent browning levels.


Up to 250 of your own recipies that are identified by your uploaded pictures.


Comes standard with more than 100 pre programmed recipes and photos, covering most prepared food items.


Multi-shelf timers - Track cooking time of seven different food items in the same oven with multi-shelf timers.


Time is tracked in minutes and seconds.


High-power fan draws steam and fumes into the hood intake and out the top surface exhaust vent.


Not available for Combi models equipped with left-hand door hinging, the smoking option, or stacked combinations.


Standard version - pans go long side front to back.

Another beauty of this combi oven is that you can also use it as a smoker so if you currently smoke food or are thinking of smoking food / dishes then with this amazing oven there is no need to have to purchase another expensive peace of equipment.
You can use this oven as a combi to cook and also as a smoker to smoke food.
What exactly is a smoker used for you may be asking:
Smoking food is a method of drying that also imparts flavor to the food (usually meat items & fish, though vegetables can also be smoked with some incredible results.
A smoker is used to remove the moisture from food which helps prevent bacterial and fungal growth which would ruin stored foods. and smoke helps keep bacteria-carrying-insects away during the drying process.