Product Catalogue

Pet Food Equipment

Pet Food Equipment – Quality Used – Second Hand Commercial Food Production Equipment to make Food, Treats and Snacks.

We ship Australia Wide.

Pet Food Machines for making Dog and Cat Food.

Our adorable companions that give us unconditional love.

The Essential Pet Food Equipment List:

  • Weighing Machines
  • Cutting, Shredding Machines
  • Grinding Equipment (used to grind bones and meat)
  • Food Processors
  • Food Blenders
  • Filling Machines – including vacuum filling for meat, meat packs,
  • Packaging Machines – to pack liquid or solid foods.
  • Dehydrating Machines to make air dried biscuits and or snack treats.
  • Commercial Ovens for baking biscuits and or pet friendly treats
  • Miscellaneous – Dishwashers, Pot Washers, Bowl Cutters

If you are just starting out with your pet food production business or are looking for a particular piece of equipment, then you have come to the right place as we have a comprehensive range of equipment to suit your needs.  If there is an item that we do not currently have in stock, feel free to contact us as not all equipment is listed as we continuously getting new stock.  We can also help you procure more unusual items so please feel free to email or phone us anytime with some more information so that we can see about partnering with you, to help you find the perfect machinery solution. to meet your specific requirements.