FlexiChef Team All in One Cooking Centre

FlexiChef Team All in One Cooking Centre

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  • Optimising cooking processes
  • High speed – Redefined
  • Achieve your goals faster with the new FlexiChef®
  • Multi-award winning. The future of professional kitchens

Brand: MKN: FlexiChef Team
Product Code: FlexiChef Team
Power Type: Electric
Power Rating: 3 phase
Description: Used FlexiChef® Team
Product Origin: Germany


Brand FlexiChef
Product Code Team All in One
Description Used FlexiChef Team All in One Cooking Centre
Power Type Electric
Power Rating Three Phase
Delivery Great freight rates - Australia Wide.
Guarantee Peace of Mind Guarantee
Product Origin Germany
Status Available
Condition Used
Finance Available if Required


FlexiChef Team All in One Cooking Centre

FlexiChef Team All in One Cooking Centre

FlexiChef Team all in one:

  • Cooking
  • Frying
  • Deep Frying
  • Pressure Cooking
  • The Multifunctional Appliance – Multi-Award Winner Worldwide
  • FlexiChef makes everything possible: cooking, frying, deep frying or pressure cooking.
  • All with just one appliance offering maximum flexibility. FlexiChef reaches a new dimension of multifunctionality.
  • The only horizontal cooking appliance equipped with an automatic cleaning system. Automatic cleaning in two minutes only!
  • Thanks to ReadyXpress it is three times faster than conventional cooking.
  • That’s what we call high speed cooking!
  • Numerous additional unique features optimize all of your cooking processes and sustainably increase the efficiency of your establishment.
  • Would you like to find out how the FlexiChef can increase cost effectiveness in your kitchen?
  • Smart Cooking, Smart Cleaning
  • A high speed gentle solution, 3 x as fast as traditional cooking.
  • FlexiZone
  • Freedom of Cooking

By: MKN The Multi Functional Appliance

Frying Deep Frying Pressure Cooking

FlexiChef® Team
smart cooking. smart cleaning

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