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REDUCE and REUSE – Key to Sustainability

REDUCE and REUSE - Key to Sustainability

REDUCE and REUSE – Key to Sustainability. Environmental and Business Sustainability.

In the last segment of this series the topics covered were:

the Sustainable Theory, the Environmental Theory and 4 R’s that formulate part of the Sustainable Theory

In this part of the series of The 4’R’s of environmental sustainability.

This article will provide a brief overview of what it means to Reduce and Reuse.

It will also delve a bit deeper into what these two elements stand for and their importance in Environmental Sustainability.  

Also looking at Business Sustainability.

Reduce and Reuse – the two most important components of the 4R’s and how they can easily be implemented into any business.

The article will not only provide a summary review of their importance on environmental sustainability, though will also outline how these two elements  can also help a business in a profoundly positive way from an economic perspective.

REDUCE and REUSE – Key to Sustainability:

The meaning of ‘Reduce’ – Make smaller or less in amount, degree, or size.

Reduce the amount of products or services that are used / consumed.  

In this scenario, a health food store with a cafe that sells a range of fresh produce to their customers, also sells fresh avocados.

Instead of waiting for the avocados to become too soft or to blacken and then throwing the avocados away. 

The business could Reuse the avocados:

  • To make fresh dips such as guacamole which they could sell or serve to their customers.
  • Freeze the avos to use in smoothies
  • Use them to make frozen desert such as ice cream or raw cakes and puddings.

Instead of discarding them after their single intended use, avocados in this store now have multiple uses (they become multi functional).

Resulting in:

  • Less Waste (Environmental Benefit)
  • Reduction in the amount of Waste to be disposed (Cost saving to the Business)
  • Avocados now provide greater opportunities for the business to make money / more profit for the business (resulting in Greater Profit generating opportunities for the Business)

Summary overview of Reuse:

Reuse is the action or practice of using an item, whether for its original purpose or to fulfill a different function. 

Reusing should not be confused with recycling.  

Recycling is the breaking down of used items to make raw materials in order to manufacture new products.  

Although better than buying or using brand new products or equipment. 

Brand new products or equipment require raw materials to be mined or produced prior to being able to manufacture the new products.  

Recycling will generally have less of a negative, harmful impact on the environment. 

Though when compared to Reducing or Reusing, Recycling still has a far greater negative impact on the environment as opposed to Reusing a product.

Reducing how much we consume and

Reusing what has already been consumed are two of the most effective and efficient ways of achieving environmental sustainability.

Before recycling or recovering goods, businesses and consumers should always look to first – REDUCE and REUSE – prior to recycling or recovering.

Looking at ways that your business can reduce what it uses and limit the amount of waste.

Reduce Waste by Reusing products, Stock or Equipment.

Help to reduce the amount of waste that goes to landfill.  

Show your customers that you really care & that you practice what you preach and aren’t trying to greenwash and deceive them.

Unlike many large multi-national corporations who at the cold heart of day disproportionately contribute to environmental destruction and devastation and practice greenwashing to try to deceive customers. 

Ensure that your business is part of the Solution.

By Reusing equipment – Buying used – second hand commercial equipment – including Used Commercial Kitchen Equipment, Bakery Equipment, Food Processing Equipment.

The Sustainable Revolution

REDUCE and REUSE - Key to Sustainability

In the next segment of this mini series, the article will delve into:

The Benefits of Reusing – buying reused goods (Used – Second Hand Equipment.

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