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Important Equipment in Baking

Important Equipment in Baking

Important Equipment in Baking.  Arguably most equipment used for baking can be deemed to be important.  Naturally some bakers would have a differing view if they had to narrow down and choose one particular piece of equipment versus another piece of equipment.  Though as a general rule of thumb most bakers would tend to have some form agreement when it comes to specifying the most important pieces of equipment required by a bakery.

We decided to set out to ask a few specialist bakers their thoughts about listing the equipment that they as a baker could not do without.  Not surprisingly, they all came to the same conclusion.

Baker Equipment List:

All bakers listed the following equipment as being equipment that they absolutely could not do without.

  • Dough Sheeter
  • Mixers – a dough mixer to mix the dough (flour and water)
  • Slicer for bread or cakes – depending on what they were baking
  • Proofer – a dough proofer
  • Oven

The following items were identified as being very important for storing and selling their baked goods

  • Display Cabinets to showcase cakes, bread, cookies, cup cakes depending on what they bakery sells
  • Commercial Refrigerators

When the bakers were asked to list some of the smaller baking accessories that they could not do without.

Next on the bakers list was smaller baking accessories including: baking pans and baking tins.  Although these varied from one bakery to the next depending on what they are baking.  For example some bakeries specialise in baking bread so require various specialised bread tins and bread pans and loaf pans.  

A baker specialising in baking cakes and cupcakes uses a variety of different cake tins, cup cake pans, they too use loaf tins and pans, though they use these for the cakes that they are baking instead of bread.

Baking Accessories List:

The bakers were then asked to summarise a few of the smaller baking utensils.  Once again there was generally some form of consensus from one baker to the next.

  • Measuring weights / scales / measuring bowls or cups (Wet and Dry) 
  • Spoons including measuring spoons and Wooden Spoons
  • Spatula
  • Pastry Brush – particularly if they are making pastries or pies.

Each baker then listed Then there is the more specialised bakery equipment which differs from one bakery to the next and is not standard across all bakeries.

The bakers were then asked to record specialised bakery equipment that they use in their own bakery that may not necessarily be used across all bakeries.

Specialised Bakery Equipment List:

This is where the equipment started to become more specialised and more unique and specific for a particular bakery depending on the types of products that they made and sold in their bakery.

  • Dough Moulder
  • Filling Machine
  • Sourdough Fermenting Machine
  • Forming Machine
  • Biscuit – Cookie Depositor
  • Pancake Baker
  • Waffle Maker
  • Specialised Chocolate Equipment including: Chocolate Coating Machines
  • Moulding, Enrobing, Tempering Filling Machines
  • Specialised Patisserie Equipment
  • Whipped Cream Machine
  • Doughnut Machines
  • Production – Line Equipment
  • Flour Milling Equipment
  • Spraying & Glazing Machines

As can be noted by the list of bakery equipment above.  There are several pieces of important equipment in Baking that every baker agrees on.  Then there are some other pieces of specialised bakery equipment that varies from one baker to the next depending on what they are making and selling in the bakery.

Important Equipment in Baking

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