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Used Commercial Beer Brewing Equipment

Used Commercial Beer Brewing Equipment

Used Commercial Beer Brewing Equipment, who said beer brewing equipment had to stretch into the hundreds of thousands of dollars?

Used Commercial Kitchen Equipment have sourced and purchased a fine state of the art: 


Micro Carbonated Inline Beverage Filling Bottling Line

USA made MICRO CARBONATED INLINE BEVERAGE FILLING BOTTLING LINE along with a European – Italian RSC and Enos Euro Compatta.

With this inline system the craft brew can bottled, filled and capped with ease.

The Micro Carbonated Filler can fill 12 oz bottles (that is 354.882ml to be precise in Australia) which means they can easily fill standard Australian beer bottles of 350ml.

Filling bottles with ease, is now a total breeze. 

Filling bottles has never been easier, with this line, which has 8 heads.  Yes, you read that correctly.  8 heads.  Not 4, or 6 heads. 

It has a total of 8 heads.  So can take care of up to 36 bpm.  36 bottles per minute. 

Depending on beer pressure and temperature.

The line can handle any bottle size all the way from 8 oz (236.588ml in Australia) all the way up to 750ml. 

This can quickly and easily be achieved with the same machine, with a small number of adjustments and minimal change of parts.  

Quickly change between 8oz (237 ml) up to 750ml bottles.

Too Easy.


Inline Bottling and Filling

Container handling with this line is fully automatic. 

Meaning there is no need for any manual loading or unloading of bottles. 

Making the entire bottling and filling process, quick, smooth and efficient.

The bottles can travel along a conveyor and automatically stop underneath the filling heads to be filled with the fine brew.

The filling heads use liquid pinch valves to ensure the precise control of the beer flow. 

Ensuring there is no waste, or spillage not even of a single drop of the finely brewed nectar.

The genuine liquid pinch valves, mean there’s no overflow or waste what so ever.  


Saving Money and Clean Up Time

Saving money and cleanup time.

Flow meters are located on each head, which allows for fine adjustments of the fill height for each and every bottle.

As soon as a bottle has been automatically filled with the brew, it is smoothly transferred from the filling part of the inline station with hugger belts across to the crowning conveyor where a crown is crimped on the bottle.

After crowning, each bottle automatically exits crowning conveyor and is transferred to an accumulation table where it can now be manually packed.  

Naturally this is up to the craft brewer – for many the magic number tends to generally be 6 in a carton, though some opt for 8, 10 or even 12 bottles per carton.

There is an *Option to substitute Crowner with Screw Capper or Corker though this will be dependent upon specs and recommendations that will need to be discussed with the manufacturer of the inline filling bottling line.


Used Commercial Beer Brewing Equipment

A Micro Carbonated Filler that is versatile.

Meeting the needs and the unique requirements of each and every brewery’s operation.

Whether a craft brewery, or a micro brewery brewing craft micro beer, kombucha or ale.

With minimal change this system can quickly and easily be adjusted.

Ensuring customers are able to quickly get their hands on bottles of fine brew.

Used Commercial Beer Brewing Equipment

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