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Commercial Kombucha Brewing Equipment

Commercial Kombucha Brewing Equipment


Commercial Kombucha Brewing Equipment can be used for making Kombucha, Kefir Water, Craft Beverages or Soda.

Ramping up your production or wanting to take your craft brew to market?  As a professional Kombucha Craft Soda Brew Master, each brewing distillery will need some of the following equipment:

  • Kombucha Carbonating System
  • Kombucha Nitrogenating Solution
  • Kombucha Brewing Fermentation Tanks
  • Inline Beverage Filling, Bottling, Bottle Capping System
  • Bottle Washing System
  • Bottle Labelling Solution
Kombucha Carbonating & Nitrogenating System

Carbonation technology has become a necessity in the kombucha and juice manufacturing business.

Speeding up the process of carbonation during and after the fermentation process is key to growing production & to ensure a consistent beverage each and every time.

Kombucha Carbonating System – to create the fizz.  Kombucha and sodas sold to the public are carbonated with a carbonating system to create bubbles which makes them taste good and ensures the customer doesn’t get a drink that tastes flat.

Carbonation is a solution that adds carbon dioxide gas to liquid.

The liquid in the bottle with the lid on, keeps the beverage under pressure which ensures that the carbonation is maintained.

Carbonated drinks not onlyare fizzy and bubbly, many would argue that hey taste better too.  

When the bottle is opened, the carbon dioxide gas reacts with the liquid to form carbonic acid.

This reaction gives the drink a light acidity, but it’s often eclipsed by adding stronger acids as ingredients in in the beverage brew..

Carbonation can also create a heightened perception of flavour. when the bubbles in the drink hit the drinkers nose.  Now the drinker can not only hear and see the bubbles, they can also smell the drink and get a tingling sensation from the bubbles when they hit their nose.  

All of which craetes a further perception of taste and freshness to the drinker. 

The bubbles rising through liquid in the mouth also create a pleasant, tingly sensation on the tongue.


Kombucha Brewing Fermentation Tanks

Kombucha Processing Tanks

Vats where all the magic happens.  Depending on the amount of beverage including kombucha to be made will help determine the size of tank required.  There are also several different options available including wooden vats / barrels, metal barrels made from stainless steel or other metals and some people even use large plastic vats with large breathable covers.


Inline Beverage Filling, Bottling, Bottle Capping System

The next phase of production is equally as important though often overlooked.  Equipment for filling, bottling, capping and labelling the bottles of beverage.  When scaling up production and wanting a smooth efficient production line, professional commercial equipment is required.

This equipment will not only help save significant amounts of time, though will also ensure that the correct amount of beverage is filled into each bottle with no wastage or leakage what so ever.

This system can not only fill, bottle, cap each beverage automatically, it also washes each bottle prior to filling and the after capping each bottle.  It places a label on each bottle.

Quality USA Made Inline Beverage Filling, Bottling System Micro Carbonated Inline Beverage Filling Bottling Line, and Bottle Washer and Italian RSC and Enos Euro Compatta Bottle Labelling Machine.

Commercial Kombucha Brewing Equipment

Kombucha Brewing Solutions


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