Rational iCombi Pro Gas Oven

Rational iCombi Pro Gas Oven


  • Steam, Hot Air & Combination cooking modes
  • High Performance Steam Generator

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Brand: Rational
Power Type: Gas
Description: Used Rational Gas Oven – Latest Model
Product Origin: German


Brand Rational
Model iCombi Pro
Power  Electric
Power Type 3 Phase
Delivery Great freight rates - Australia Wide
Guarantee Peace of Mind Guarantee
Product Origin Germany
Status Available
Condition Used
Finance Available if Required


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Rational iCombi Pro Gas Oven

Rational iCombi Pro Gas Oven

Robust, powerful and simple to use.

The iCombi Classic will revolutionise your kitchen.

Replace pots, grills, ovens and steamers with this one powerful unit, saving your kitchen precious space and money.

This natural gas RATIONAL oven is ideal for large restaurants, holding ten GN 2/1, and serving 150 to 300 meals a day.

Create up to 100 custom programs with up to 12 steps each, conveniently saved in your library for any staff member to use.

Save or download data easily via USB. Or, operate the iCombi manually, so the results are completely up to you.

The powerful RATIONAL oven can steam at 30 degrees C to 130 degrees C. Convection or combination modes operate at temperatures between 30 degrees C to 300 degrees C.

Powerful dehumidification technology can remove the humidity from the cooking cabinet even more quickly and effectively thus providing crisp crusts, crunchy breading and perfect grill marks with delicious roasted flavours.

And it does this so precisely that the food does not dry out.

Achieve up to 50% more productivity and 10% shorter cook times compared to our previous models.

Connected Cooking provides access to your units, automatic software updates,

HACCP documentation and over 1000 recipes and videos from around the world.

You’ll also receive access to Academy RATIONAL, a full-day training seminar for you and your staff.

Discover how innovation can help you, with the RATIONAL iCombi Classic.

Answers to many of the common questions about a Rational Combi Oven:  Rational Combi Oven

  • *ClimaPlus sensors constantly measure the humidity in the cooking cabinet and adjusts it automatically within 10% increments
  • *Manual control with dial with push button function and recognisable symbols
  • *Automatic cleaning system which identifies the level of cleaning required – light, strong or medium
  • *Individual programing with up to 100 programs, with multi step cooking processes of up to 12 steps


  • *High performance, more productivity and lower resource consumption
  • *Easy to use
  • *Perfectly hygienic cooking cabinet at all times with minimal effort
  • *Ensures reproducible results every time


Rational Combi Ovens Stacked 6 Tray 10 Tray

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