Thompson Hydraulic Sausage Filler

Thompson Hydraulic Sausage Filler

Make meat, vegetarian or vegan sausages quickly & with ease.

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  • Sausage Filling Capacity 20 KG

Brand: Thompson
Power Type: Electric & Hydraulic


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Thompson Hydraulic Sausage Filler

Thompson Hydraulic Sausage Filler

Thompson Hydraulic Sausage Filling Machine
The Thompson Oil Hydraulic Sausage Fillers are hygienic knee-operated machines.
Release of the knee control automatically stops the filling process.
The large barrel diameter makes it easier to fill the sausage emulsion into the chamber.
A quick release twist lock lid ensures fast refill time, no time consuming lock down threads.
The lid and stainless steel barrel are totally removable for ease of cleaning.
The lid, plunger, barrel, all external surfaces and components are manufactured from high quality stainless steel.
Internal components are rust free, manufactured from stainless steel or galvanized material.
Many competitor brands are painted castings.
The Thompson 27 kg Hydraulic Sausage Filler has heavy duty removable sausage barrel with 20 mm square reinforcing ring on both top and bottom to ensure that the barrel cannot be bent out of shape from mistreatment.
The electric circuit for both 20kg and 27kg models has overload protection.
Thompson Meat Machinery.
The Thomspon benefits from:
  • Non breakable heavy duty nozzles available
  • Completely removable stainless steel barrel
  • Large barrel diameter for easy loading & fast refill time
  • Smooth running, knee operated
  • Large hydraulic cylinder
  • Quick release removable twist stainless steel lid
  • High quality stainless steel plunger & locking bars
  • Heavy duty contractor & motor overload protection
  • Stainless steel & non corrosive
    Austramaterials.  Used internally & externally.
Thompson Hydraulic Sausage Filler Specifications
Machine Capacity
Size (mm)
Full Load
Sausage Filler  20 kg  1100  500  180  0.75kW  220 580 x 580 x 1360H  415V  2A
Sausage Filler  27 kg  1250  500  200  0.75kW  240  580 x 580 x 1560H  415V  2A


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