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Packaging Equipment for Food and Beverages

Packaging Equipment for Food and Beverages.

Quality Used – Second Hand Equipment. Top Brands at unbeatably Low Prices. Available Australia Wide and Overseas.

We stock, source and sell a large range of Equipment for the Food and Beverage Industry.

Packaging Equipment:
  • Clipper (Food Clipping Machines are specialised devices that help increase the efficiency of the production process and also the reduction of production costs.
  • Gas Flush Packaging (Gas flush consists of gas that is injected and frequently removed multiple times to remove oxygen from the package. Commonly known as MAP (Modified Atmosphere Packaging).
  • Metal Detectors (used to sense / detect and remove metal particles that can be found in food / food ingredients).
Packaging Machinery:
  • Shrink Tanks (Dip Tanks, Shrink Tunnels, Cryovac Machines)
  • Pallet Wrappers
  • Flow Wrappers (are machines that are used for packaging purposes.  and are especially beneficial for  products such as tea bags, biscuits, chocolate bars, fruit, vegetables and many more).
  • Labelling Machines
Vacuum Sealing Machines:
  • Vacuum Packaging Machines
  • Vacuum Chamber Machines (Machines that seal food in a plastic bag , used to preserve food.  The strong vacuuming power of these machines removes the air from food in the plastic bags/packaging).
  • Cryovac Machines (Are food vacuum sealers that remove air from food-packaging bags and seals them shut to extend the shelf life of food products).
Weighing Machines:
Sealing Machines:
  • Cup or Tray Sealers – (Very easy to use machines, that use pressure and heat to apply a “lidding” film over plastic cups or trays.  Can be used for many different consumable products).
  • Sealers – Sealing Machines (keeps food fresher for longer).
Filling Machines:
  • Fillers (fill food and or beverage containers with food products accurately and efficiently.  Depending on their design, they can handle different types of products, including liquids, solids, powders, granular items, and semi-solids).
  • Vertical Form Fill Machine (a roll of film is formed into a shape, the product is then filled into the formed bag and the bag is then sealed.
  • This process is done in a vertical fashion).
  • Pet Food Equipment