Daub Bun Divider Rounder

Daub Bun Divider Rounder

Daub Bun Divider Rounder

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Brand: Daub
Power Type: Electric
Power Rating: 3 Phase
Description: Used Daub Dough Rounder

Dough Rounder


Brand Daub
Power Type Electric
Power Rating 3 phase
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Condition Used
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Daub Bun Divider Rounder

Daub Bun Divider Rounder


  • Coated dividing disc
  • Heavy duty construction designed for retail use

Save thousands. Current Daub is $23k plus

Bun Divider Rounders dividers are machines that cut a piece of raw dough into small portions using an oscillating plate.  They subsequently roll each piece to obtain balls of the same weight and shape, all achieved in a few seconds.

Save time without compromising quality. Using a machine to perform the laborious monotonous task of dividing and shaping dough will not only save you a significant amount of time it will also save you a significant amount of money.

You will no longer have to pay someone to compete this task and if you are doing it yourself you will be able to produce so much more products in a fraction of the time.  Bun dividers and rounders can gently and consistently divide your dough in seconds.

Very easy to use, bun dividers and dough rounders produce precise results, ensuring consistency and perfect products each and every time.

Uniform products that are precise by weight ensures that the customer always knows what to expect and is never disappointed by variations in size.

As a baker it ensures that profit margins per product produced and ingredients used are always constant.


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