Cleveland Electric Tilting Kettle 2 x 23L TKET6T

Cleveland Electric Tilting Kettle 2 x 23L TKET6T

CLEVELAND Electric Tilting Kettle 2 x 23L TKET6T

Cleveland Electric Tilting Kettle 2 x 23L TKET6T  –  Used

CLEVELAND Electric Tilting Kettle 2 x 23L TKET6T

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  • Dual – 2 x 23L kettles
  • 1124mm
  • Accurate temperature controls
  • Easy to clean


Brand: Cleveland

Model: TKET6T

Power Type: Electric

Power Rating: 3 Phase

Description: Used CLEVELAND Electric Tilting Kettle 2 x 23L TKET6T


Cleveland Electric Tilting Kettle 2 x 23L TKET6T Electric Table Top Twin 45 Ltr Tilting Steam Kettle

Cleveland TKET-6-T Electric Table Top Twin 23 Ltr Tilting Steam Kettle

CLEVELAND Electric Tilting Kettle 2 x 23L TKET6T

Also comes with great quality stainless steel stand.



Model TKET6T
Brand Cleveland
Power Type Electric
Power Rating 3 phase
Delivery Great freight rates - Australia Wide.
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Origin Canada
Status Available
Condition Used
Finance Available if Required

  • Two individual 45L capacity kettles, measured under the rim for guaranteed capacity
  • Kettles are 2/3 steam jacketed with stainless steel construction & reinforced rolled rim
  • Exclusive electronic controls



  • Industry leading steam jacket rating lets you cook faster & at higher temperatures than any other
  • State of the art temperature control for accurate heat every time


  • Splash proof electronic controls enhances safety and makes for easy cleaning
  • LED Readouts & pressure gauges easily identify operational performance for guaranteed best results


  • Minimum kitchen space needed for maximum output plus huge savings on time, labour & energy costs.


Also known as: Steam Jacketed Tilting Kettles


Cleveland KET6T electric tabletop steam jacketed kettles (this one comes with a stand, though can be put on a tabletop if preferred) are the perfect solution for restaurants wanting a safer, faster, and more efficient way of cooking, heating and holding products as opposed to using traditional stock pots.


With accurate temperature controls ensuring your food will never overcook and eliminating staff costs with no monitoring of the cooking process required, it’s no wonder Cleveland kettles are year on year voted Best in Class!




Manual tilting, balanced design


Space saving design through shared, centre console


Balanced, attractive appearance


Self-contained, easily installed – needs only an electrical hook-up


Steam jacket filled with treated water, venting and/or refilling is not required


Accurate, consistent solid state temperature controls – less than ±1°C variance


Operating temperature range from (63°C – 127°C)


Water resistant controls, splash-proof construction


Large pouring lip for high capacity and chunky products


Re-inforced rolled rim design prevents damage to kettle rim, eliminates “bar rim designs”


Easily cleaned: kettle and all exterior surfaces are of type 304 stainless steel with an #4 finish


50 psi steam jacket rating for higher cooking temperatures


Splash proof element cover with a double gasket seal


Self locking marine type tilting mechanism prevents accidental spills. Balanced design makes it easy to tilt


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