Taylor L820 Two Zone, Twin Platen Electric Grill

Taylor L820 Two Zone, Twin Platen Electric Grill

Taylor L820 Two Zone, Twin Platen Electric Grill

Used Taylor L820 Two Zone, Twin Platen Electric Grill

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This commercial grill delivers Great Food Fast – Whether you want to serve up breakfast foods including tasty pancakes, bar meals including fish fillets or burgers, vegetable burgers or other veggie foods, vegan or gluten free products to takeaway staples such as kebabs.

Brand: Taylor
Product Code: L820
Dimensions: W: 716 × D: 986 mm × H: 1524 mm
Weight: 355 KG (+/-)
Power Type: Electric
Description: Used Taylor L820 Two Zone, Twin Platen Electric Grill
Product Origin: USA

Taylor L820 Two Zone, Twin Platen Electric Grill


Product Code L820
Brand Taylor
Power Type Electric
Power Rating 3 phase
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Product Origin USA
Status Available
Condition Used
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Taylor L820 Two Zone, Twin Platen Electric Grill
Best Seller

The Taylor® L820 grill line features the latest in efficiency, safety and productivity. Just a press of a button cooks healthy seafood, veggie or turkey burgers, grilled sandwiches and much more.

Revolutionary two-sided grilling cooks a frozen patty two-thirds faster than traditional flat grills. With programmable cook times, pre-set temperatures and consistent product pressure, you can cook a variety of menu items throughout the day.


Benefits –

The Taylor double-sided grills offer an exceptional solution for extremely fast and consistent cooking without relying on skilled staff.

Searing products top and bottom simultaneously locks in the natural juices within the product and also eliminates the need to flip products over during cooking.


Features & Benefits:


  • Multi-step programs for time, temperature and gap settings
  • Consistent cooking without relying on a skilled operator
  • Cooks up to 5 times faster than a standard open grill, with 1 minute cook time instead of 5 minute cook time.
  • Staff efficiency – staff can perform other tasks while grill platen is down cooking.
  • No need to stand by the grill or flip over products
  • Eliminate food wastage – with no overcooking and no undercooking
  • High capacity cooking in a small footprint


Also Known As:  Taylor Electric Two Sided Grill, Taylor L820 Electric Two Sided Clam Shell Grill,


The Taylor L820 two zone, twin platen clamshell grill is ideal for cafes, restaurants, bars, takeaways and other businesses that want easy to serve hot food that tastes great every single time.


Whether you want to serve up breakfast foods including tasty pancakes, bar meals including fish fillets or burgers, to takeaway staples such as kebabs, this commercial grill delivers great food, fast.


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Machine type: High volume, Two Zone, Two Platen


Dimensions: 1524mm (h) x 716mm (w) x 986mm (d)


Floor standing with castors


Programmable: 78 Menu Items Per Cooking Zone


Ideal for all applications including; Theme Parks, Restaurants, QSR’s, Burger Restaurants, Takeaways, Buffet Restaurants.

One Touch Menu 

Selection One touch menu selection automatically provides accurate TIME, TEMPERATURE, and GAP settings for every product.


Programmable Controls 

Microprocessor controls are programmable for simplified operator operation. Offers flexibility for future menu items and product specification changes at the restaurant level.


External USB Port

External USB port allows user access to upload new menu and promotional items. Menu changes can be sent electronically to other store locations saving time and eliminating operator error.


Upper Platens

Two upper platens will close automatically to the preset gap setting with the touch of one button. Air cylinder system provides quiet, simple, trouble-free operation of the upper platen. As a safety feature, platen will automatically open at loss of power, or if an obstruction is detected.


Precise Automatic Gapping 

Solid platform with 3-point reference plane and fixed (home) reference point. Once programmed, the upper platen automatically achieves accurate and consistent gaps, every time. Precise, repeatable gapping assures product safety and better quality finished product.

Cooking Zones 

Two separately controlled cooking zones. Each zone has three independent heating elements, and two in the upper platen to assure even temperatures and quick recovery.


Side-To-Side Release Material Protects the entire upper platen cooking surface and makes cleaning easy. Improved installation and removal process away from hot surfaces.


Patty Cook 

Position Placement Guide Lower cooking surface is etched for a permanent patty placement guide for two-sided cooking.


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Taylor L820 Two Zone, Twin Platen Electric Grill

Taylor L820 Two Zone, Twin Platen Electric Grill

Perfect Burgers by Taylor – L820 Electric Taylor Two Zone, Twin Platen Electric Grill.







L820 – Electric Taylor L820 Two Zone, Twin Platen Electric Grill
  • Accurate Time
  • Accurate Temperature
  • Accurate Gap
The Taylor L820 Two ZOne, Twin Palten Electric Grill